Growth of a business depends on the business leader who is at the helm of the business development.  Growth of an enterprise hinges on the operational excellence.   Any business growth which is not backed by operational excellence will not sustain for long.

Effective service delivery is one of the pivotal points for operational excellence.  Service delivery is an integrated delivery by various functional disciplines in the organization.  The list of contributors in effective service delivery is big.  Planning, Research, Finance, HR, Procurement, Production, Quality Control, Logistics, Support, and Customer Relationship.  In brief,  “service delivery is the mirror to enterprise delivery”.   Excellence in service delivery thus is an integrated result.  Excellence is teams’ effort.

Operational excellence hinges on the performance of each and every functional entity in the organization.  I can compare this with the practice of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which is cardinal in project management.  WBS reflects the work packages assigned and to be achieved by the project team.  Each work package carries a given scope, time, cost and is subject to the baseline performance metrics.  Successful delivery of WBS results in successful project.

It is essential to study, analyze, determine, define and deploy required performance metrics for each and every functional entity in the organization before we progress towards operational excellence.  At a micro level this has everything to do with SWOT analysis, Business Process Re-engineering, Cost Benefit Analysis, Balanced Score Card, Resource Development, Performance Management and more.

Coming to the basic point, how do we define excellence?  It is subjective.  Not that it doesn’t have a measurement.  The metrics for measurement are contextual.  In a professional tone, excellence in the present context is every other task (work package) handled by each and every functional entity in the organization should be complete, secured, integrated, optimized and measurable.

The very inevitable and important aspect in the context is precise and flawless understanding of organizational vision, mission and strategy.  Because, the whole approach towards excellence should be aligned with the vision and strategy of the organization.

Where to start the approach?  The ignition should be pressed by the top management.  Down-level team should play the role of engine and fuel.  The senior management should hold the steering.  Vision is the destination.  Strategy defines the path, speed, and risk management.

Technology is the vehicle here.  It takes-up the responsibility of driving the organization.  The acceleration, performance, drive quality, disaster management, security and comfort in the journey.  Technology again is Machinery & Equipment in a manufacturing environment and / or a sturdy, comprehensive, scalable, secured, and customizable ERP application.

Operational Excellence is a big task before the contributing things are put into operation.  However, once done with precisional approach, it would deliver excellence like a time tested vehicle.

This is a one page brief.  I may elaborate it further in due course of time with detailed diagrams and more.