Entrepreneurship Development Meet – Hyderabad

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We are going to organize  an “Entrepreneurship Development Meet” on May 14, 2011 in Hyderabad.  The meet will provide valuable inputs from experts from Government sector, Banks and Industry Promotion institutions on topics like:

  1. Young entrepreneurs – the Creative force in employment generation
  2. Opportunities in Food Processing Sector
  3. Role of Government in entrepreneurship development – State & Central Schemes
  4. The procedures in setting up your choice of industry
  5. Banks the driving force in entrepreneurship development
  6. Questions & Answers

Besides, all the participants will get a very valuable book guide towards setting up their choice of industry / business.

There is every need for taking up entrepreneurship as a revolution.  Next to Indian farmers, the small entrepreneurs are the major backbone to Indian economy.  Self-employment generates parallel employment opportunities.  Entrepreneurship is like a root sprout and every one should nurture it for its un-prohibited growth.

All are invited to this meet.  Interested candidates may send in their details to mail id: emeethyd@gmail.com or provide herein through reply to this posting.

I request you to forward this message to all of your friends as this might prove to be a very encouraging start for him / her towards achieving entrepreneur dream.

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Learning the training

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Employee training is one of the quickest measures towards maintaining or enhancing the enterprise productivity levels.  Training invigorates the participants towards a pragmatic assessment of their own position vs. the topic of training.  When addressed with right module to the right participants by a right faculty, training works as a panacea.  Proper assessment of training requirement at the outset is highly imperative the way precise diagnosis is pivotal to handle any health complaint.  Training cost for the organization is more like a marketing cost.  Marketing cost at times may prove to be a sunk cost.  But trained resources would prove to be an asset under the right leadership.  Enterprise excellence should start within well before we tackle stakeholder management or satisfy stakeholder aspirations.   In order to exploit the human resource talent in an enterprise, periodical training could be addressed in the areas of :

  1. Job description-functional responsibilities-performance levels
  2. Skill rejuvenation, Skill enhancement
  3. Effective communication, Team integrity
  4. Job delivery, Ownership, Accountability
  5. Best practices, Process maturity
  6. Professional ethics, Individual excellence
  7. Employee role in the Brand development or Brand maintenance
  8. Employee contribution in Vision, Mission & Strategic growth of an enterprise
  9. Re-skilling in project transition
  10. Individual leadership and growth prospects in the organization
  11. Project Management

Identification, determination and imparting of training is a major challenge as it involves not just the right module but the conscious acceptance by the manager and the very participant.  Effects or result of any training to the employees again is dependent on the defined road-map in the appraisal of post training performance levels.

What are the sources to determine training requirement?  They could be:

  • Employee performance appraisal reports
  • Specific recommendation of reporting manager
  • Natural requirement during technology transition, organizational re-engineering, brand revision, new projects, industry recession, growth challenges, merger or acquisition and many related.
  • Confounding conflicts in the team(s)
  • Induction of new personnel

The next challenge is implementation of training.  It could be because the manager may not be in a position to spare his team members owing to project exigencies, or one or more members of the team(s) are on leave of absence, or there is a resistance from the identified team member(s).

The final challenge is identifying right faculty who is proven in the required module.  Certain areas of training require highly matured, experienced and a ‘Guru’ figure as a faculty.  A faculty who is highly conversational and who could engage the participants without touching the subject matter at the required scope may at times prove to be successful based on the participant’s feedback.  But he won’t meet the very requirement of training thus defeating the whole exercise made by the organization.  Hence, it is highly important to have an analytic approach in determining right faculty than a going for a generally accepted individual.  Because, generally accepted may not meet our specific requirement.

As we can see from the above, training is a serious measure which should be handled with care so that it benefits the organization and the participant individual.

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About me

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Bh V Ramana

Promoter Profile:

It is imperative that the promoter profile of any business consulting firm match the offered service range in order to design, deploy or monitor quality deliverables to its clients.  I come with a working experience of 26 years spanning Private and Public sector enterprises.  I am versatile in several industry sectors like Energy & Utilities, Information Technology, Professional Services, and Manufacturing.  I believe, every project and every business pertaining to any sector could be successfully handled once a right approach is identified through due research.  Thus, today I am comfortable in handling any project from any industry sector supported by supplementary subject matter expertise.

Writing is my hobby.  I like discussing matters of social justice.  I like future thinking without restricting to the short-term survival.  Entrepreneurship Development is my favorite subject.  Because, through entrepreneurship, we can energize the youth, energize the economy, create more wealth and eliminate dependency on government sponsored employment.  Entrepreneurship is the best answer for millions of sparkling ideas virtually incubated by our younger generation in colleges, campuses and in the farm field.

Except for the policy provisions, every posting on this blog is written by me.  I intend to post on every aspect of business management.  The main objective of this blog is to help start-ups in their journey.  This will evolve as a business guide and as a virtual business consultant in course of time.

I would be happy to contribute my knowledge on any of the following aspects for a Seminar, Training, Conference, knowledge sharing, Project guidance, mentoring, authoring or Consulting services.  My areas of expertise:

  • Corporate Strategy, Planning, Vision & Mission realization
  • Approach for excellence in Business operations
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Social Media Marketing for business development
  • Corporate Online Content Management
  • Business model development for expansion
  • Strategic collaborations to attain swift growth
  • Understanding effective Service delivery system
  • Policy & process development
  • Resource development
  • Corporate Strategy & Planning
  • Project Finance Appraisal
  • Enterprise Application Infrastructure
  • Learning & Development
  • Online Branding and Reputation Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Project Design
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Role of spirituality in our sustenance
  • Being a human being

I can be reached at:




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