If you are looking for a mentor for your venture please do talk to me.  I can assist you in achieving positive growth overcoming various challenges.  What you need is just an open mind to analyze renewed vision and /or renewed processes and leadership.  Here are a few words on mentoring.

Whether yours is a star-up, a grownup company, or a company in stress, it would need a mentor who can analyze its performance and provide successful guidance.  Mentor acts more than a owner being not an owner.  Mentor assists your venture with self-less motive and with humble terms.


What you get from a mentor?

  • Leadership direction
  • Risk analysis & risk mitigation
  • Course correction
  • CEO at no cost or less cost
  • Motivation and encouragement

The qualities of a good mentor?

  • He/she should come with relevant expertise in managing a start-up project or existing company.
  • He/she should be conversant with the contextual culture of the promoters, organization, geography.
  • It truly helps if he/she comes with mixed experience of success and failure which gives better maturity to guide a venture.

What is the value addition a mentor can bring in to your venture?

  • Provides you thoughtful leadership
  • Helps in improved confidence in your stakeholders
  • Connects you with relevant network
  • Promotes your venture among his network and advocates positively among stakeholders
  • Many a time he/she comes with excellent Subject Matter Expertise

Mentor would help your venture evolve from:

  • Individual driven to system and process driven
  • Self centric to stakeholder centric
  • Local global to future global
  • Self goal to social goal
  • Self growth to inclusive growth

Do performing companies need a mentor?

Yes.  It depends on the existing leadership’s choice and outlook.  In any case a performing company could get following benefits from a mentor.

  • Not to deviate from the right course
  • Right analysis of success factors
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Repeat success
  • Expand or diversify present business
  • Strengthen the strengths
  • Add intellectual value

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