Management Consulting

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Management Consulting for growth, viability and excellence.

The invariable challenge that any successful enterprise would face in its journey would be that of retaining the earned success and achieving further growth. To make this possible, companies must have strategic planning that is rightly implemented involving demanding changes by the evolving market dynamics.

Among other requirements in the day-to-day management of corporate sector, we extend management consulting services in devising and deploying a definite ‘Strategy & Plan’ with ‘guaranteed’ results.

Project Management Consulting:

From the point of developing a detailed project plan to deploying project management methodologies, designating project team and ensuring earned value management, you may avail our support in the end-to-end management of your projects. Our experience spans the areas like project planning, customized project management methodologies and mentoring the project team for mature handling of the projects.

Designing Of CSR Programs

If you are concerned about finding right programs to constructively utilize your CSR budget and if you are looking to outsource the design and management of your CSR programs or collaborate with any Social Sector Organization to jointly launch your social initiatives we can assist you. CSR programs need to be monitored for definite results and evaluated for ROI on CSR budget.

Social Media Strategy Development & Deployment

Identity development and identity maintenance has evolved to be the perennial requirement for businesses to acquire customers and to create branding.  Because, the present day customers largely constitute online population who explore Internet to identify genuine and competitive vendors to go for any purchases. This has propelled the culture of online marketing.

One of the core requirements for successful sustenance today is to achieve online and offline brand identity. Online promotion is a professional task and can be better achieved with the help of Social Media Consultants.

Our services in the line include:

  • Social Media Policy & Strategy development
  • Social Media profile creation
  • Social Media profile maintenance
  • Creation of Personal Branding
  • Social Media training

 If you are a business house, a corporate enterprise, a celebrity, an author or any other entity looking to improve your online identity, attract increased business flow or develop personal branding, you may please contact us.

Corporate Training

You might find frequent need to train your team in varied areas like Leadership Skills, Personality Development, Performance Development, Technology transition, Project Management, Talent & Intellect Management or any specific requirement.

Training programs must be properly designed in content, flow, and schedule to meet the requirements of proposed participants rightly delivered by competent faculty. Investment on Training programs should be analyzed for its returns. This is the most neglected or unmonitored expense in many of the enterprises.

Please consider outsourcing to us your training needs on case-to-case basis or under long-term contract basis. We will guarantee you the ROI on your training budget.

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3D in Business

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The subject 3D in business is going to be very important in India especially for Retail sector businesses like Shopping Mall, Departmental Store, Multiplex and other retail business houses.  The online shopping trends in India are highly encouraging for retail sector business enterprises.  The trends are very obvious from the findings of The Nielsen Company on the Global Online Shopping Report conducted in September 2010 among Internet users in 55 markets.  Summary of the Key Findings:

  1. More than eight out of ten Indian online consumers plan to shop online in the next twelve months
  2. More than a quarter indicate they spend upwards of 11 percent of their monthly shopping expenditure on online purchases
  3. 71 percent Indians trust recommendations from family when making an online purchase decision, followed by recommendations from friends at 64 percent and online product reviews at 29 percent
  4. Half the Indian consumers (50%) use social media sites to help them make online purchase decisions.
  5. Online reviews and opinions are most important for Indians when buying Consumer Electronics (57%), Software (50%), and a Car (47%).
  6. More than four in ten Indians are more likely to share (post a review/ Tweet/ review) a negative product or service experience online than they were to share a positive experience
  7. In the next six months Indians are most likely to buy Books (41%), Airline ticket/reservations (40%), and Electronic equipment like TV, Camera, etc. (36%) online
  8. When shopping online, one third of Indians (33%) purchase most frequently from websites which allow them to select products from many different stores.
epmworld online shopping

Shop and hop, VIRTUALLY!

The above results are supported by the rapid growth in Social Media users.  As per an estimate there are around 52.5 million Social Media users in India who visit more than 4200 million pages on an average.  This number is projected to be swelling at 100% growth rate.  The Social Media visitors consists the visitors of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.

The Indian retail market business is surging forward fueling further the online business growth.  The figures below are self-explanatory in the context.

  • The Q411 BMI India Retail Report forecasts that total retail sales will grow from INR19.74trn (US$411.28bn) in 2011 to INR30.96trn (US$804.06bn) by 2015.
  • The retail sales growth is at 11.9% per annum.
  • Tourist arrivals rose by 8% in 2010 to 5.40mn, from 4.99mn in 2009.
  • The growth in the overall retail market will be driven largely by the explosion in the organised retail sector.
  • Domestic retailers such as Reliance Retail and Pantaloon Retail continue to invest heavily in increasing their store networks and improving in-store offerings, and the impact they have on growth will be boosted by the arrival of expansion-oriented multinationals.
  • BMI predicts that sales through Mass grocery retail (MGR) outlets will increase by 126% to reach US$59.8bn by 2015.
  • BMI forecasts consumer electronic sales at US$29.44bn in 2011, with over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical sales at US$3.10bn.
  • The former sub-sector is expected to show growth of 78.5% between 2011 and 2015, reaching US$52.55bn, with projected double-digit growth of key products such as notebooks, mobile handsets and TVs. OTC pharmaceuticals, meanwhile, should increase by 88.1% throughout the forecast period, to reach US$5.84bn.
  • Automotive sales are forecast to increase from 4.07mn units in 2011 to 5.89mn units by 2015, an increase of 44.4%.
  • Domestic vehicle sales surged by a phenomenal 45.9% year-on-year (y-o-y) in October 2010, driven by a 22.0% increase in commercial credit (the fastest pace since 2008).
  • India’s forecast market share of 13.2% in 2011 is expected to increase to 15.0% by 2015.
epmworld Virtual Shopping Mall

A Virtual Shopping Mall

The trends indicated above for retail market growth rate read along the growing trends in Social Media and Online Shopping present a huge business opportunity to embark on to online retail market opportunity.  One of the important constraints hither to for online users has been the inability to have near physical glimpse of the product they wanted to buy.  Now with the usage of 3D technology in building online shopping store, online retail users will have a walk through experience of their favorite retail outlet or shopping mall be it Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Pantaloons, Reliance Retail, Reliance Fresh, More Super Market, More Hyper Market or ITC Choupal.

The Hollywood movie Avatar is the best example for the users’ acceptance on 3D Technology.  If not in total, we can implement 3D technology to create virtual retail stores and provide the best experience to online shoppers.

3D Shopping Store is a good business opportunity to existing retailers and to the aspirant business population.  An individual investor can start his Shopping Mall without going for huge infrastructure, huge space, long gestation time and big budgets.

epmworld 3d in business

A 3D shopping mall

The advantages of going for a 3D Shopping Store:

  1. Can be started with small store house at one or more places without going for huge shopping area.
  2. Provides near physical 360 degree photo realistic view and the feel of a product and creates the sense of being within a real world location.
  3. Provides virtual walk through of the entire store.
  4. Saves from the physical movement of customer.
  5. Interoperable with existing shopping cart or POS application with a small customization and integration.
  6. Guarantees perfect accountability for return or refund as per the notified policy of the store.
  7. Corporate friendly for bulk procurement of Gifts, Goods and similar.
  8. Secured transactions
  9. Provides the ability to engage with the customer through Messaging and chat based communication.
  10. Allows your customer the opportunity to experience your product/environment online, heightening the desire to experience it in real life
  11. Integrated with multimedia presentation applications from standard text information to fully interactive animations including audio and video.
  12. The choice of using Avatars that can walk and talk which will attract and retain various user groups
  13. Personal user applications for networking & user generated content
  14. Business applications for e-commerce – sales, selling of advertising
  15. Accessible with no extra software to install and fast loading with small streaming files
  16. Client retention through membership log-on options
  17. An independent platform which runs on all computer browsers
  18. Affordable set up investment comparable to standard HTML websites
  19. Content management tools for anytime in-house web site management
  20. Face view navigation offers clear presentation of information, products and locations

3D Store is a real-time business opportunity for aspirant entrepreneurs who want to embark on to retail market.  This provides perfect small investment based opportunity to do business across chosen areas.

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Online business development tools

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I attempt here to indicate most important Internet based FREE business development tools and the basic advantages they offer in your business promotion.

Technology has added tremendous value to businesses all over.  There is no count as to how many software applications, technology tools are part of today’s business.  The most prominent among them are Engineering applications, multimedia tools, ERP suit, analytical tools, project management applications, and many.

The advent of world wide web has brought unthinkable and indescribable value to the business where every business card today invariably bears its identity on Web / Internet.  Internet is a virtual office for many businesses.  From the basic website, and email transactions to today’s cloud computing
infrastructure, Internet is the media and the very breath for us today.  Social Networking Platform came into being as an indispensable business driver, easy marketing tool and as a low budget business development mechanism.

Everyone is spending some of his / her day’s time on Internet engaged with Social Networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Orkut, Linkedin, Flickr and many.  I have detailed here the business advantages of tools, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  Will cover about other tools like YouTube and more through separate posting.

Twitter: Twitter is a micro blogging platform.  My favorite tool.  We can create a Twitter account in just 1 minute.  Twitter helps us to communicate anything regarding our business.  The business advantages:

  1. Provide a brief bio about you or your business
  2. Link to your website or blog
  3. Compile a list of followers based on our business profile, general requirement or personal choice
  4. Update your followers on your new product (s), technology, service and developments
  5. Share important documents like Survey Reports, White Papers, Case studies, Web links
  6. Promote your blog, website and your profile
  7. Create, develop and maintain your business brand, personal brand
  8. Attract Sr. Management personnel to join your business
  9. Share business expansion details
  10. Inform followers about Seminars, Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions
  11. Seek project funding
  12. Explore partnerships and collaborations
  13. Comment or remark on favorite issues or current events
  14. Conduct virtual meetings through tweets
  15. Discuss on important topics
  16. Share any other information with your  followers.

Facebook: Facebook is a very prominent social networking platform meant for personal, professional and business advantages.  Creation of account is very easy.  You can have your business and personal profile as one account.  The business advantages:

  1. Invite your friends, customers, and business associates to join you
  2. Showcase your company’s profile
  3. Place your personal profile
  4. Provide links to your websites or blogs
  5. Communicate any business information you like to share
  6. Market your product, service, conference and seminar
  7. Share your business achievements
  8. Discuss important topics, conduct virtual brainstorming sessions
  9. Share any other information you may like

LinkedIn: Professional network development tool.  Highly favored by enterprises, professionals and individuals.   The business advantages:

  1. Very good platform to place your professional profile
  2. Right tool for professional networking
  3. Add people to your network based on your interest and requirement
  4. Find your favorite companies/organizations and follow them for regular updates
  5. Share your views, thoughts and opinions on various aspects
  6. Promote your blog, website, event and your profile

All the businesses whether small business, or large enterprise should have a disciplined Social Media Management Strategy to derive the benefits they offer.  An enterprise which invests an year of sincere, disciplined and professional approach will benefit in terms of:

  1. Online brand development
  2. Online and offline business development through lead generation
  3. Wider professional identity
  4. Network expansion
  5. Ability to attract potential team members
  6. Real-time insight about on business happenings

As a matter of fact, the advantages of Social Networking for Business and Social Media Management Strategy are merely limited to the imagination, wisdom and consistency in the pursuit.

You can create your business identity using the following links:

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Corporate & Professional – How do I give this identity to my organisation?

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When an organization truly competes the characteristics of its line business, in a more transparent way, it could be called a professional entity. When an organization defines its business objectives in clear terms duly indicating the strategy and the delivery mechanism, it paves way for professional development. We could enumerate the following aspects in an enterprise to understand the level of professionalism adopted by it.

  • Scope and clarity in service offerings
  • Vision & Mission
  • Culture, values and ethics
  • Strategy & Planning to achieve its Vision
  • Brand conscious and brand positioning measures
  • HR and Communication flow in the organization
  • Policy provisions and delivery mechanism to achieve organizational productivity
  • Implementation of Best Practices and Certification standards in the functional areas
  • Transparency while dealing the issues of discrimination, grievance, disputes
  • Implementation of technology
  • Statutory identities
  • Clean financial and taxation system
  • Social accountability

Further professionalism is more of an accountability and transparency. It is possible to achieve these aspects when an organization deploys related processes to implement the above provisions. Let us understand process as any given transaction or task to be achieved in the functional or departmental context. For example, performance appraisal of human resources is a process, raising an invoice is a process, quality check list is a process, exit formality is a process, and any report document is a process. At this reckon there will be hundreds and thousands of processes that an organization has to effectively deliver in order to achieve the true performance levels.

The process could be a hard copy format or a digital document. Organizations inevitably follow both the formats as total automation and paperless environment is still not feasible in our business environment. As an example for digital processes, any CRM application at the minimum shall have numerous processes related to sales and after sales support. An ERP application is the true mirror of enterprise-wide processes.

Further, every process should be flexible for due customization. The technology tools like ERP application invariably enable deployment of a given process, modification of the same with due controls, monitoring and measuring it for performance. Still an ERP application enables to integrate the enterprise wide functions and processes so that enterprise productivity and performance is reckoned periodically by the top management with due checks and controls.

Finally beyond all the above, it is the conduct, attitude, accountability and commitment of employees that brings in right identity to the organization as a whole. Hence, in today’s business the HR development is given top priority to match to the organizational vision and mission. Employees should also realize that the positive identity and values achieved by an organization shall invariably enhance the professional value of their individual profiles.

Professional identity and corporate culture brings in stakeholder loyalty (employees, vendors, suppliers, customers, partners …), creates brand value and develops business. Thus any investments made in this direction shall bring in the Returns on Investment (ROI).

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