How to setup a new business – 2 day training

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new business

How to setup a new business – 2 day training November 8-9, 2014 at Hyderabad

Training – How to setup a new business?

There are different kinds of approaches among aspirant entrepreneurs during their initial momentum.

  1. Approach of the majority of aspirants would be that he/she would explore on their own the ways and means to turn their idea into business.  As a first step they go searching for a like minded partner and then into further steps.
  2. Some of the aspirants who would like to play safe would talk to business consultants for advise and guidance before they invest their money.
  3. Some of them directly approach banks for project finance with bare idea and without any documentation.
  4. Some of the aspirants would remain in suspended decision while keeping their dream alive.
  5. A very small percentage of aspirants just go ahead setting up their new business with a gut feeling.

We are conducting a 2 day training programme which would provide answers, guidance and momentum to every aspirant who is in the mind and action of starting a new business.

=== Outline on training content ===

  • How to finalize the best business idea?
  • How to start a new business?
  • What are the various steps to launch a business?
  • How to determine a right investment?
  • How to make a Feasibility Report and a Project Report?
  • How to make a Project Plan?
  • What are the schemes available for a security free loan?
  • How to market products or services?
  • What is the right path to achieve success?
  • How to improve present business?
  • How to build online presence for any Business?
  • How to grow to be a big company?
  • How to earn global identity?

=== Faculty profile ===

=== Contact ===

=== Fees ===

INR 4,000 per participant.

Lunch and two time tea is included.

=== Schedule and Duration ===

2 day training November 8-9, 2014 at Hyderabad.  The venue shall be notified in the first week.

This training program aims to cover all such above questions with case study/exercise specific 2 day 16 hour session.

=== Who can attend? ===

  • Anyone who intends to start a new business
  • Existing business owners
  • Consultants
  • Students who would like to get knowledge of business and entrepreneurship
  • Housewives who are keen to start home based businessThe sessions are covered in English with clarifications wherever so required in Telugu or Hindi.

=== Training material ===

  • Notebook, Pen
  • Model Project
  • ReportImportant templates

=== Takeaways ===

  • New Business ideas that you can immediately launch
  • Clarity in Vision, Approach, and Mechanism to start a new business
  • Templates that can be used in the process of setting up a new business
  • Mentoring on case-to-case basis to setup a Business

=== Facebook event ===

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Some of the business ideas relevant in today’s market

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business ideas

Entrepreneurship and Business Ideas

Top 10 business ideas for start-ups.

Suggested business sectors:

  1. Food Processing
  2. Textile and ready made garments
  3. Technology [Software Product Development and maintenance, eCommerce, Internet Security, IT literacy, Digital Infrastructure deployment and maintenance]
  4. Social Computing / Social Media
  5. Smart Infrastructure development
  6. Solar Energy and allied infrastructure [MW Solar plants, Rooftop Solar Plants, Trading in PV Panels, Inverters and Batteries, Structural Services to erect Solar Plants, Specialist Electrical Services for Solar Installations]
  7. Automobile Components
  8. Textile & ready made garments
  9. Service Sector [associated with Sea Ports, Airports, Healthcare and Lifestyle segment]
  10. Training [Soft skills, Leadership, Sales and Customer Support Management, Finance Skills, Entrepreneurship Development Skills, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing,

Check this before you go for manufacturing activity.

  1. It would be ideal to take up any manufacturing activity based on product buy-back arrangement [job work] or specific network / market strength in the line of activity considered.  If not we will have to bear credit line to buyers, minimum 6 months working capital (depending on the product cycle), R&D and more.
  2. The other option is going with collaborative model with a foreign company to produce import substitute items in India.
  3. The DMIC corridor, Make in India, and proposed Industrial Estates in Telangana and AP are another opportunity in the coming years.  The focus areas of these projects are many varied items to cut dependency on China made capital equipment and end user products.  These efforts are definitely going to provide opportunities for ancillary industry growth.
  4. The other way to explore manufacturing opportunities is to scout for takeover of sick unit or advertise in local News paper for collaboration / partnership opportunities.  This may reveal some good opportunities.
  5. For manufacturing ventures, it always helps if one of the member promoters come with technical or marketing expertise in the chosen manufacturing activity.
  6. Last but not least one can go for manufacturing activity to produce any innovative product.  Innovation doesn’t mean a totally new product idea.  A small twist and improvisation of any existing product which enhances the utility value at affordable cost can be considered.

Brief on IT sector business ideas:

Software product development is an evergreen sector as long as the product becomes a solution to focused problem and the product is designed with inherent efficiency, security and compatibility to various environments.  Considering the growing patronage to cloud computing technology, smart phone infrastructure, and internet security tools,  there is sufficient scope to devise new products or improvise existing solutions to the newer environments.  The other perpetual avenue is enterprise market constituting ERP and ERP integrated with social computing tools and data analytics.

The other promising business ideas in IT Sector:

Website development:

This is a perennial market.  The challenge, however, remains to be the capability of the organization to develop a professional website [elegant interface, aesthetics, mulsti browser compatibility, efficient loading, nil dead links, user friendly navigation, professional and crisp content compatible to search engines and self declarations for content and design ownership] incorporating digital documents [pdf brochures, e-readers, digital collateral with various presentation options, interactive forms for online interaction by customer for enquiries, feedback, survey, referal, and more].


Practically many offline business models could be converted to online models.  The approach would be offering of related product group constituting a few items in the initial stage.  The products could be from segments like Lifestyle, Food [especially organic food items], Construction, Infrastructure, Supplementary services to Healthcare, Hospitality and Travel & Tourism.
Success of any online venture depends on right scoping, application efficiency, aggressive and judicious marketing strategy.  Many of the failed online ventures have their root to inappropriate business model, poor infrastructure and/or wrong positioning.  The important advantage with the online business models is that they become attractive for funding institutions or individuals once the initial sustenance is proven with promised future.  Popularity and application efficiency are the foremost attractions for any online business models.

Mobile & Tab Applications:

Again many desktop applications, online applications could be ported to Mobile and Tab platform.  Thus opportunities are immense in this segment.  Any application addressed to customer service, sales, marketing, consumer behavior analysis, analytics has good scope irrespective of any number of competitive products. This market has bright future.

Internet Security.

In the coming one year we are going to witness Digital India through which efficient Internet bandwidth is going to be made available to lakhs of villages.  As the Internet infrastructure grow so the requirement for safe and secure management of such infrastructure. One may think about collaborating with existing security products to be offered in the market with supported maintenance.  This can be combined with Internet literacy offering to the users.

Social Computing and Analytics

The end users for these products are small companies to large corporations whoever have implemented intranet social computing infrastructure and/or Internet presence.

Some of the business ideas in Education & Training Sector:

  1. IT Skill development [Career centric technology training].  Market is inundated with training institutions whose primary focus is volume of business than the quality of content.  Thus if an organization can focus right curriculum with efficient faculty there is enough room for new comers.  Almost 70% of engineering graduates are failing the eligibility criteria in the technical aptitude and professional outlook.  This fact itself vindicates that the existing training and skilling infrastructure lacks right content and approach. This business idea works well in the future as government is looking to collaborate widely with private institutions under PPP model.
  2. Softskill & Leadership development [Govt. of India and Govt. of AP are coming up with special mission to train youth in softskill and leadership development].  This is one of the topmost priorities in India in the path of youth empowerment for employment or self employment.
  3. Multi vocational skill development unit inline with ITIs & Polytechnics. These are going to be in much demand in the coming years.
  4. Education (Professional education / coaching centers / Mentoring hubs )

Few other business ideas:

  1. Stainless Steel Fabrication, Furniture for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.  Every furniture product should provide the benefits of aesthetics, space optimization, ergonomic advantages, multi-use and must come at affordable cost. Many of the home furniture items can be redesigned using SS, wood, aluminium, plastic or any other composite material.
  2. Trading in Modern Building material
  3. Industry specific help desk solutions
  4. Industry specific Customer Management solutions
The above are just indicative.  However, among other things every business opportunity at the outset has to be analysed considering (i) Promoter’s expertise (ii) Place of business (iii) Product / Service demand in the target areas (iv) Promoter’s equity (v) Government support; and (vi) Competition.
If you need any clarifications may please leave your comments.  I will attempt to answer to the extent possible.  However, if you need personal consulting the consulting fee shall be INR 1000/- [one time].  We don’t charge consulting fee for micro business setup, or students who come from humble background.
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Start-up business services

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Start-up business services:
Majority of Start-up businesses are raised and run by first generation business owner.  Start-up businesses thus are highly vulnerable for failure.  Around 10% of start-ups achieve true survival.  The reasons for this trend are several like (a) Lack of management expertise (b) improper setup processes (c) poor financial management (d) low productivity (e) bad or insufficient marketing and more.
It is highly essential that start-up industries avail professional consulting services from a matured service provider to avoid failure embarrassment and fast recover investments made.
We will appraise and qualify the viability of  your business idea or suggest you potential business opportunities.  As a start-up owner and budding entrepreneur one need to learn and unlearn several aspects from identification of right business opportunity to commencement of business operations. Thus, every start-up would need expert guidance to optimize setting up costs and accelerate the business commencement. Gathering our experience in entrepreneurship development, we have in-fact dedicated this blog as a business guide to budding entrepreneurs, present businesses and academia. You can visit and understand several aspects in raising your start-up.
You may talk to us either with your business idea or with investment and we will assist you to setup your dream start-up.
  • Business idea formulation
  • Feasibility Study / Report
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Project Finance Syndication
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Company Name
  • Company Profile Development
  • Content Development For Marketing Collateral
  • Content For Website, Blogs, Social Media Platform
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3D in Business

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The subject 3D in business is going to be very important in India especially for Retail sector businesses like Shopping Mall, Departmental Store, Multiplex and other retail business houses.  The online shopping trends in India are highly encouraging for retail sector business enterprises.  The trends are very obvious from the findings of The Nielsen Company on the Global Online Shopping Report conducted in September 2010 among Internet users in 55 markets.  Summary of the Key Findings:

  1. More than eight out of ten Indian online consumers plan to shop online in the next twelve months
  2. More than a quarter indicate they spend upwards of 11 percent of their monthly shopping expenditure on online purchases
  3. 71 percent Indians trust recommendations from family when making an online purchase decision, followed by recommendations from friends at 64 percent and online product reviews at 29 percent
  4. Half the Indian consumers (50%) use social media sites to help them make online purchase decisions.
  5. Online reviews and opinions are most important for Indians when buying Consumer Electronics (57%), Software (50%), and a Car (47%).
  6. More than four in ten Indians are more likely to share (post a review/ Tweet/ review) a negative product or service experience online than they were to share a positive experience
  7. In the next six months Indians are most likely to buy Books (41%), Airline ticket/reservations (40%), and Electronic equipment like TV, Camera, etc. (36%) online
  8. When shopping online, one third of Indians (33%) purchase most frequently from websites which allow them to select products from many different stores.
epmworld online shopping

Shop and hop, VIRTUALLY!

The above results are supported by the rapid growth in Social Media users.  As per an estimate there are around 52.5 million Social Media users in India who visit more than 4200 million pages on an average.  This number is projected to be swelling at 100% growth rate.  The Social Media visitors consists the visitors of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.

The Indian retail market business is surging forward fueling further the online business growth.  The figures below are self-explanatory in the context.

  • The Q411 BMI India Retail Report forecasts that total retail sales will grow from INR19.74trn (US$411.28bn) in 2011 to INR30.96trn (US$804.06bn) by 2015.
  • The retail sales growth is at 11.9% per annum.
  • Tourist arrivals rose by 8% in 2010 to 5.40mn, from 4.99mn in 2009.
  • The growth in the overall retail market will be driven largely by the explosion in the organised retail sector.
  • Domestic retailers such as Reliance Retail and Pantaloon Retail continue to invest heavily in increasing their store networks and improving in-store offerings, and the impact they have on growth will be boosted by the arrival of expansion-oriented multinationals.
  • BMI predicts that sales through Mass grocery retail (MGR) outlets will increase by 126% to reach US$59.8bn by 2015.
  • BMI forecasts consumer electronic sales at US$29.44bn in 2011, with over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical sales at US$3.10bn.
  • The former sub-sector is expected to show growth of 78.5% between 2011 and 2015, reaching US$52.55bn, with projected double-digit growth of key products such as notebooks, mobile handsets and TVs. OTC pharmaceuticals, meanwhile, should increase by 88.1% throughout the forecast period, to reach US$5.84bn.
  • Automotive sales are forecast to increase from 4.07mn units in 2011 to 5.89mn units by 2015, an increase of 44.4%.
  • Domestic vehicle sales surged by a phenomenal 45.9% year-on-year (y-o-y) in October 2010, driven by a 22.0% increase in commercial credit (the fastest pace since 2008).
  • India’s forecast market share of 13.2% in 2011 is expected to increase to 15.0% by 2015.
epmworld Virtual Shopping Mall

A Virtual Shopping Mall

The trends indicated above for retail market growth rate read along the growing trends in Social Media and Online Shopping present a huge business opportunity to embark on to online retail market opportunity.  One of the important constraints hither to for online users has been the inability to have near physical glimpse of the product they wanted to buy.  Now with the usage of 3D technology in building online shopping store, online retail users will have a walk through experience of their favorite retail outlet or shopping mall be it Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Pantaloons, Reliance Retail, Reliance Fresh, More Super Market, More Hyper Market or ITC Choupal.

The Hollywood movie Avatar is the best example for the users’ acceptance on 3D Technology.  If not in total, we can implement 3D technology to create virtual retail stores and provide the best experience to online shoppers.

3D Shopping Store is a good business opportunity to existing retailers and to the aspirant business population.  An individual investor can start his Shopping Mall without going for huge infrastructure, huge space, long gestation time and big budgets.

epmworld 3d in business

A 3D shopping mall

The advantages of going for a 3D Shopping Store:

  1. Can be started with small store house at one or more places without going for huge shopping area.
  2. Provides near physical 360 degree photo realistic view and the feel of a product and creates the sense of being within a real world location.
  3. Provides virtual walk through of the entire store.
  4. Saves from the physical movement of customer.
  5. Interoperable with existing shopping cart or POS application with a small customization and integration.
  6. Guarantees perfect accountability for return or refund as per the notified policy of the store.
  7. Corporate friendly for bulk procurement of Gifts, Goods and similar.
  8. Secured transactions
  9. Provides the ability to engage with the customer through Messaging and chat based communication.
  10. Allows your customer the opportunity to experience your product/environment online, heightening the desire to experience it in real life
  11. Integrated with multimedia presentation applications from standard text information to fully interactive animations including audio and video.
  12. The choice of using Avatars that can walk and talk which will attract and retain various user groups
  13. Personal user applications for networking & user generated content
  14. Business applications for e-commerce – sales, selling of advertising
  15. Accessible with no extra software to install and fast loading with small streaming files
  16. Client retention through membership log-on options
  17. An independent platform which runs on all computer browsers
  18. Affordable set up investment comparable to standard HTML websites
  19. Content management tools for anytime in-house web site management
  20. Face view navigation offers clear presentation of information, products and locations

3D Store is a real-time business opportunity for aspirant entrepreneurs who want to embark on to retail market.  This provides perfect small investment based opportunity to do business across chosen areas.

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The big business to exploit

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I have come across several investors who were keen to expand to new business avenues.  I have considerable experience in Information Technology and have closely studied the business opportunities that technology offers and suggested certain things to such investors.  The one common response for this had been apprehensions to invest in IT sector.  The situation especially in India was caused by failed ventures initiated on unviable concepts backed by insufficient technology expertise or management processes.  Some ventures came up with a product development like ERP application, banking application, telecom application, e-Governance applications.  I know organisations who have spent more than 3 years in the product development  maintaining extensive infrastructure to find at last that the product had incompatible or weak architecture, the product had several functional snags, and core team members who were associated with product development were no more working with the organization.  Besides, the organisation had drained its working capital to take care of employee cost, marketing and more.

The fundamental requirement to evaluate any business opportunity for its technical, commercial and market viabilities were not considered in serious sense in most of the projects.  The investments were made with superficial understanding of IT business, market sentiments, and at times attracted to posh IT glamour.

The present situation in India is highly promising to venture in to IT investments.  However, there is no need to reinvent things and go for new enterprise applications.  The actual business in technology vests in finding ways and means to reach technology to the nook and corner of the country.  Customized technology devices, service facilitation, conversion of several offline opportunities to online business models, content management, technology integration in the existing businesses, technology literacy and many more related to this and beyond these areas are definite business opportunities in technology.

The success of any project lies in the approach i.e. a right road map from the conceptual stage to commissioning phase.  It could be evaluating project feasibility, going for well judged business plan and critically outlining the implementation processes.  Technology business is no different from any other investment opportunity except that the raw material for this is mostly human brains.  Thus, it is imperative to identify right human resources for any tech project while applying stringent project management measures.

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