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Reliance and Tatas among 150 others in race for Solar Projects

Over 150 companies have evinced interest in developing large solar photovoltaic projects of up to 20 MW. These include Reliance (Anil Ambani Group), Lanco, Mose Baer and  the Tatas. Also in the race are public sector companies GAIL (India) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. According to official sources, the requests for selection (RFS) were received for 218 solar PV projects amounting to a capacity of over 2500 MW, which was much higher than the capacity offered, that is, 350 MW. The RFS were invited by the government as part of the batch of Phase-1 of the National Solar Mission.

India’s Solar Power costs may fall by 2015

epmworld_solar_newsIndia’s solar power costs could fall by more than 40 percent by 2015, allowing the industry to compete against domestic oil and gas firms without the help of state subsidies, according to the head of Lanco Solar.

Solar technology could provide a kilowatt hour of power at about Rs 7 to 8 a unit in the next few years, down from the current Rs. 11 to 12, due to surging global capacity, said Lanco Solar CEO V Saibaba. That would enable solar power to become a more viable option to coal, which costs around Rs 2 a unit, in fueling Asia’s third largest economy and the world’s third-worst carbon polluter.

“The most important thing is the economics of scale are coming,” Saibaba said “In the next three to four years, I see the solar power costs coming down to Rs 7 to 8 a unit.”

Large thin film PV system installed in India

While most of India’s solar energy development has been dominated by off-grid systems and crystalline silicon technology, Belectric Photovoltaic India, a subsidiary of California based Belectric, has announced that it has commissioned the first utility scale solar power plant in India to use First Solar thin film modules, at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. The project features 14,000 First Solar thin film modules installed over about 5.3 acres. After a four month long construction period, the project has begun generating an annual total of about 1,666,000 kWh of electricity enough to power about 7000 Indian households, and save approximately 110 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Tata BP Solar commissions another plant in Orissa

Tata BP Solar Ltd, a joint venture of Tata Power and BP Solar, added yet another megawatt scale scale solar power plant to the list of those installed and commissioned under the Rooftop and Other Small Solar Power Generation Plants scheme in Orissa. The 1 megawatt plant was synchronized to the grid recently. This project uses 4400 crystalline silicon modules of 230 watts each, spread out over an area of 5 acres. The solar power plant will generate 1.42 million units of electricity in the first year.

US bank to fund Indian solar projects

 Two Indian solar projects are receiving a total of US $103.2 million in financing from the Export-Import Bank of the US.

A statement released by the bank stated that these two approvals in the final months of fiscal year 2011 bring the bank’s total financing for Indian solar projects in FY2011 to US$ 176.4 million.

The projects called Dahanu Solar Project in Jaisalmer district and Tatith Project in Gujarat are thin film solar power plant and photovoltaic crystalline power projects respectively.

“India is making a big push for renewable energy,” Fred P. Hochberg, chairman, Ex-ImBank said. “Solar companies in the US know that if they can get into this growing market, they have a bright future ahead of them. Ex-Im Bank stands ready to help our exporters win that future.”

The last two loans approved by the Bank are for a 40 MW and 5 MW project in Rajasthan and Gujarat, respectively.

Solaria introduces high performance solar module

Solaria Corporation, a global manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules, recently announced a new 270 watt solar module designed and optimized for industrial and utility-scale tracking applications. The 1 x 1.9 m frameless module features Solaria’s proven technology that optimizes the use of standard crystalline PV.

Solaria modules are the first PV modules with the form factor, mounting system, and installation processes optimized for tracking systems. The modules can be installed on single axis horizontal, dual axis and azimuth solar trackers using conventional installation methods.

These high-efficiency modules are also available in a complete, integrated tracker package. The Solaria STS-1 solar tracking system combines modules, trackers, and expert design services to optimize systems performance and deliver high energy yields.

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