Management Consulting

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Management Consulting for growth, viability and excellence.

The invariable challenge that any successful enterprise would face in its journey would be that of retaining the earned success and achieving further growth. To make this possible, companies must have strategic planning that is rightly implemented involving demanding changes by the evolving market dynamics.

Among other requirements in the day-to-day management of corporate sector, we extend management consulting services in devising and deploying a definite ‘Strategy & Plan’ with ‘guaranteed’ results.

Project Management Consulting:

From the point of developing a detailed project plan to deploying project management methodologies, designating project team and ensuring earned value management, you may avail our support in the end-to-end management of your projects. Our experience spans the areas like project planning, customized project management methodologies and mentoring the project team for mature handling of the projects.

Designing Of CSR Programs

If you are concerned about finding right programs to constructively utilize your CSR budget and if you are looking to outsource the design and management of your CSR programs or collaborate with any Social Sector Organization to jointly launch your social initiatives we can assist you. CSR programs need to be monitored for definite results and evaluated for ROI on CSR budget.

Social Media Strategy Development & Deployment

Identity development and identity maintenance has evolved to be the perennial requirement for businesses to acquire customers and to create branding.  Because, the present day customers largely constitute online population who explore Internet to identify genuine and competitive vendors to go for any purchases. This has propelled the culture of online marketing.

One of the core requirements for successful sustenance today is to achieve online and offline brand identity. Online promotion is a professional task and can be better achieved with the help of Social Media Consultants.

Our services in the line include:

  • Social Media Policy & Strategy development
  • Social Media profile creation
  • Social Media profile maintenance
  • Creation of Personal Branding
  • Social Media training

 If you are a business house, a corporate enterprise, a celebrity, an author or any other entity looking to improve your online identity, attract increased business flow or develop personal branding, you may please contact us.

Corporate Training

You might find frequent need to train your team in varied areas like Leadership Skills, Personality Development, Performance Development, Technology transition, Project Management, Talent & Intellect Management or any specific requirement.

Training programs must be properly designed in content, flow, and schedule to meet the requirements of proposed participants rightly delivered by competent faculty. Investment on Training programs should be analyzed for its returns. This is the most neglected or unmonitored expense in many of the enterprises.

Please consider outsourcing to us your training needs on case-to-case basis or under long-term contract basis. We will guarantee you the ROI on your training budget.

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Social development, globally.

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Philanthropy has no barriers.  This has aptly been proven by global leaders like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and many others who are contributing to the well being of disadvantaged around the globe.  The Indian Corporate companies like Infosys, Wipro, Reliance, TATAs are also active through their CSR programs in serving the society.

As a whole the amount of aid extended globally to social sector runs into billions of dollars.  Despite this, we find all-around from hamlets to urban cosmopolitans, scores of people suffering from hunger, shelter, disease and illiteracy. Besides the population who are categorized as Below Poverty Line (BPL), there are millions of middle class families who struggle discretely for the very survival.

I have given the above as an introductory to my foregoing.  I visualize a big picture to handle the situation.  How?  Let me briefly indicate below:

  1. We identify one or more, may be up to 3 strategic locations in every target country where we identified emphatic, long-term and varied need to give hand-hold to the disadvantaged.
  2. The location is made self-sufficient with customized, innovative, dynamic, scalable, secured and infrastructure related to the required area(s) of development like education, health care, and economic empowerment.
  3. Each location can hold either integrated amenities or can be equipped with one specialized focus area and remaining common requirements.
  4. We identify the beneficiary population from every country.  We facilitate special agreements of working with each country so that we accommodate cross cultural beneficiaries in the respective country locations.  Thus, every country will have mixed beneficiaries drawn from every other country in the given location(s).
  5. We ensure that the governing people in each location whether the faculty in the field of education, or operational staff or management will also go by the above placement criteria.  This measure will bring in a changed feeling and improve the participation of beneficiaries in the focused programs.  Cross cultural activities are always an encouraging and momentous events every where.
  6. We define and deploy world class knowledge tools, technology tools and human resources to implement, operate, manage, review and correct the operational metrics of the programs.  This could be through an integrated tool infrastructure which will be used, monitored and reviewed with each other location or an independent infrastructure specific to a given location.
  7. Fund raising, advocacy, program design are handled by core global team and rest of the things like implementation, performance management, legal affairs, and corporate governance are monitored by them.
  8. Global organizations like universities, research firms, renowned NGOs, health care institutions, tech firms provide their collaborative deliverables in the design and deployment of very infrastructure in line with the focused area of development in every location

What are the advantages of this?

  1. Scope to draw larger resources from several sources including the individual contributors.  This kind of infrastructure and focused approach will instill confidence in every citizen that their contributions won’t go waste or unseen.
  2. Cross cultural integration and implementation will bring in several natural advantages where beneficiaries will develop their individual stature with new ambitions.
  3. Considerable aid from the governments from its annual budgetary provisions is possible, which otherwise spend larger allocations that mostly go waste because of lack of monitoring.
  4. This will attract larger voluntary contributions in the form of human resources, material, expertise, encouragement and many more.
  5. The model once proven could be replicated across the required locations globally.
  6. The model can replace several independent and un-organized developmental activities.
  7. Above all, the donated monies and contributions are constructively, ethically utilized under globally monitoring environment.

I visualize the entire design in its whole sense beyond the above few points.  We may call the project Social City Development.  We need more social cities so that in the coming three decades, it is possible to bring down the social injustice to a greater level.

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About me

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Bh V Ramana

Promoter Profile:

It is imperative that the promoter profile of any business consulting firm match the offered service range in order to design, deploy or monitor quality deliverables to its clients.  I come with a working experience of 26 years spanning Private and Public sector enterprises.  I am versatile in several industry sectors like Energy & Utilities, Information Technology, Professional Services, and Manufacturing.  I believe, every project and every business pertaining to any sector could be successfully handled once a right approach is identified through due research.  Thus, today I am comfortable in handling any project from any industry sector supported by supplementary subject matter expertise.

Writing is my hobby.  I like discussing matters of social justice.  I like future thinking without restricting to the short-term survival.  Entrepreneurship Development is my favorite subject.  Because, through entrepreneurship, we can energize the youth, energize the economy, create more wealth and eliminate dependency on government sponsored employment.  Entrepreneurship is the best answer for millions of sparkling ideas virtually incubated by our younger generation in colleges, campuses and in the farm field.

Except for the policy provisions, every posting on this blog is written by me.  I intend to post on every aspect of business management.  The main objective of this blog is to help start-ups in their journey.  This will evolve as a business guide and as a virtual business consultant in course of time.

I would be happy to contribute my knowledge on any of the following aspects for a Seminar, Training, Conference, knowledge sharing, Project guidance, mentoring, authoring or Consulting services.  My areas of expertise:

  • Corporate Strategy, Planning, Vision & Mission realization
  • Approach for excellence in Business operations
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Social Media Marketing for business development
  • Corporate Online Content Management
  • Business model development for expansion
  • Strategic collaborations to attain swift growth
  • Understanding effective Service delivery system
  • Policy & process development
  • Resource development
  • Corporate Strategy & Planning
  • Project Finance Appraisal
  • Enterprise Application Infrastructure
  • Learning & Development
  • Online Branding and Reputation Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Project Design
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Role of spirituality in our sustenance
  • Being a human being

I can be reached at:

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