Mentor for your venture – a start up or existing company

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If you are looking for a mentor for your venture please do talk to me.  I can assist you in achieving positive growth overcoming various challenges.  What you need is just an open mind to analyze renewed vision and /or renewed processes and leadership.  Here are a few words on mentoring.

Whether yours is a star-up, a grownup company, or a company in stress, it would need a mentor who can analyze its performance and provide successful guidance.  Mentor acts more than a owner being not an owner.  Mentor assists your venture with self-less motive and with humble terms.


What you get from a mentor?

  • Leadership direction
  • Risk analysis & risk mitigation
  • Course correction
  • CEO at no cost or less cost
  • Motivation and encouragement

The qualities of a good mentor?

  • He/she should come with relevant expertise in managing a start-up project or existing company.
  • He/she should be conversant with the contextual culture of the promoters, organization, geography.
  • It truly helps if he/she comes with mixed experience of success and failure which gives better maturity to guide a venture.

What is the value addition a mentor can bring in to your venture?

  • Provides you thoughtful leadership
  • Helps in improved confidence in your stakeholders
  • Connects you with relevant network
  • Promotes your venture among his network and advocates positively among stakeholders
  • Many a time he/she comes with excellent Subject Matter Expertise

Mentor would help your venture evolve from:

  • Individual driven to system and process driven
  • Self centric to stakeholder centric
  • Local global to future global
  • Self goal to social goal
  • Self growth to inclusive growth

Do performing companies need a mentor?

Yes.  It depends on the existing leadership’s choice and outlook.  In any case a performing company could get following benefits from a mentor.

  • Not to deviate from the right course
  • Right analysis of success factors
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Repeat success
  • Expand or diversify present business
  • Strengthen the strengths
  • Add intellectual value

You may talk to me anytime at +91-9177934566.

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Do you need a Part time CEO?

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Part Time CEO

Whether a start-up or an established business at times would find it difficult to fill the requirement of CEO who can steer the promoter’s Vision and bring in definite implementation of detailed processes. We can extend our Part time CEO services on project basis or on short-term basis with guaranteed results under SLAs.

Speaking Assignments Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Inaugurals

For your technology events, business meets, mentoring sessions, leadership summits or any management related events, you can avail our special services to deliver Keynote address or handling a particular topic delivery before the National or International audience.

Back Office Services For Business / Technology Events

Organizing any event calls for detailed and strenuous planning to precise management of event cycle. May talk to us to handle entire backoffice services for any of your National or International event. We will extend any and all of following services:

  • Event planning
  • Participation Management
  • Drafting and delivering entire correspondence
  • Speaker Panel Mangement
  • Media Management
  • Issuance of Participation Certificates


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