There has been a tremendous shift in the business towards customer service.  Usage of technology, logistics, and PR are the main approaches.  However, there is a major discontentment and feeling of betrayal in the customers owing to inadequate service quality, disregard to accountability, least value accorded to  customer’s money.  Besides, there are ways of bullying the customer w.r.t pricing, hidden terms and conditions.  This is more prevalent in financial products, health care products, insurance products, telecom products, automotive sector and realty sector.  Today’s consumer spends his major earnings on these products viz., health care, loans, investments, insurance, mobile, car and housing.  This amply proves to what extent an average customer undergoes loss of his hard earned income.

The big businesses just wants to see their bulged balance sheets.  They outsource several of business processes like customer service, marketing and technology to an external agency.  The sales and marketing personnel in the organisation are driven by rising target levels.  The production or service infrastructure doesn’t get scaled up to the required levels.  Quality control is entirely ignored.  Thus the consumer is obviously at the receiving level of all these deficiencies in the product or service consumption.

Why does it happen with us in India?  Why are the business owners here unconcerned about the lapses?  The reason is simply the individual attitude.  He or she, the business owner doesn’t bear a clean personality or genuine sense.  The attitude is similar to that of a butcher who don’t hold a twinge of feeling to slaughter an animal.  The main concern of business owner is number game to beat their own targets or to beat competitor targets.  They await just to announce big results periodically.  Expand the same attitude in the form of one more business venture.

That is the reason why consumer in India believes more of a foreign stuff.  The elite community hardly bother to shop local things be it cars, cosmetics, confectionery, electronic appliances, interiors and many more.

The Indian born business owners whether it is TATA, Reliance, Birla or Future Group should learn to treat their business as a hospitality sector where customer is held at high esteem with due service and extending value for money.