The primary objective of a leader is to identify the strong and unique qualities of team members and utilize the same for the project productivity. A leader, who tries to draw productivity in the grey areas of a team member, would only create a situation of disinterest and dysfunction in the team member.

A team member should always try to increase his job competence levels and narrow the grey areas so that he can gain the star identity in the project map than remaining a dot.

The core function of a leader

We have projects. We have organizations to run projects. We need leaders to successfully manage these entities. A leader manages people connected with the projects or organizations. People management is project management. Communication is the core of the people management.

The biggest challenge for a leader would be to identify his team strengths and direct those strengths for the productivity. Success or failure of a project majorly depends on this particular ability of the leader. In order to save project costs, utilize idle resources or using prerogative, leaders at times misplace or misuse the human resources creating a conflicting environment. For example, a team member who is strong in a UI designing would be forced to work on the core development side too. Such a situation would give vent to stress based conflicts even at the cost of losing the very productivity of the team member. The UI designer who otherwise was very productive would end up as a disgruntled, disappointed resource in the environment.

A leader to be successful should always identify the precise strengths, weaknesses, sensitivities, emotional quotient and professional constraints of his/her team members before they are being designated for any given assignment. It is also important to mentor the team members towards widening their skill capacity and narrowing the weaknesses.

Leaders will have successful survival only when they raise the competence and self esteem of their team members and drive them towards shared vision and a common goal.