During this year, I have interacted with several people who were keen to embark on to some business.  To talk in numbers may be more than 100.  The common factor I found in the aspirants had been to (a) to start a new business which doesn’t exist at all (b) to start a business which has zerooooooooo risk (c) to invest the least money around INR 50K to sizable investment crossing crores.

Without going in to the investment capacity of individuals, feasibility of any venture even with small investments, and their perceptions indicated above, I find the very thought and spirit to engage oneself in self-employment is very encouraging.  This is where the responsibility of consultants, mentors, government, banks, NGOs or any such entity comes into reckoning.  It is quite possible we can find real sparks in some of the aspirants.  Employment generation as we know is the panacea for all ills in the society.  Keeping this in mind I believe it is highly essential to encourage such individual aspirants to stand on their own and contribute to the Indian economy.

The Government of India has schemes like Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) http://www.pmegp.in, Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises http://www.cgtmse.com.  Under these schemes an aspirant entrepreneur could avail security free credit facility to new ventures from INR 5.00 lakhs to INR 1.00 crore.

My resolution this year is to guide all such individuals to exploit the government support and achieve their pursuits.

I wish every one a very Happy New Year 2011.