I find a gradual change in Hyderabad. Working professionals started giving increased focus on skill development. Businesses started realizing on the professional processes and utilization of technology. In the last one month I have interacted with several aspirants who would like to acquire professional project management skills. The reason could be to improve career prospects or compete the process requirements of the projects.

Personally, I believe in documentation in official processes. I don’t attempt any official / professional tasks without a proper paper work. There are so many plans of mine that have not been executed. It doesn’t stop me to develop any of my ideas into plans. This is the true start for any Project.

During several of my interactions with students, employees and entrepreneurs I always have indicated the importance of project plan. Documentation and project plan will act as a mirror to the future outcome.

Several organizations go unrecognized as they fall short in documentation. There are several organizations who hog the limelight with a little achievement. Documentation whether it is project plan, methodologies or communication with stakeholders plays vital role in the identity and operational efficiency of the organization.