Leader is the person who exploits the resources in his control to bring in collective productivity. It could be human resources, budgetary allocations, time schedules, and so on. A true leader would again know how to bring required resources in to his control though they are not in his ambit. He would be firm about his target(s).

A leader is a visionary who would gaze the future outcome of his deeds and who would know the resultant benefits to all the stakeholders involved in his task. He would never be selfish. He would never intimidate others. He would never undermine his team. He would never like ‘NO’ in his stride. He would never do all things on his own. He would never believe in adamant control. He would never compromise on the defined outcome. He would never give-up to think. He doesn’t fear of the inherent risks. He would be a crisis manager. He would ensure the pace and momentum of a given task. He would like to create more leaders who could supplement his efforts.

A leader is the person who believes in reciprocal respect. His presence or absence serves the same positive purpose in a given environment. His acts and deeds would create positive vibrations and energies which in-turn keep motivating his team to achieve the chosen task.

A leader is like a matured tree that is all useful to all.

The God Who invisibly controls the Universe is the supreme leader. Hence, an individual who would like to become true leader would invariably believe in God. But he doesn’t discriminate Who the God is. He doesn’t discriminate the God by religion, faith, and culture.

It is important to have ‘Leadership’ as an exclusive topic from primary level education. This would enable the children to have clarity in thought and develop their own vision towards a big picture in life.