Farmers have witnessed the worst ever damage to their livelihood owing to natural calamities recently.  The situation in AP, India is more pathetic.  Sankranti is the most important festival for farming community as they welcome the festival with new crop, new clothes, new vigor and more.  Unfortunately, the situation is different.

I really feel for the farmer.  They invest thousands of rupees on the crop.  They toil all through the time.  They take care of the fields more like their children.  At the end they are left with loss of investment and loss of livelihood.

There is hardly any support from government against the huge succor required.

But farmers are true fighters.  They start their avocation with perpetual risk.  Still they toil on the fields.  The true beneficiaries are people like us.  Who enjoy the crops.  But the actual fruits of their labour is juiced by the brokers.

I wish them the best in their ensuing crop and my heartfelt gratitude for all that they grow for us to live.