The only thing that grows when we share is Love.  Peace incubates love.  This could be experienced by every one whether an individual, a living being, a country or any other entity. The sprout of true love raises from an unknown depth.  The depth that one can’t see,  the depth that one would always like to sink in and the depth that takes one to the heights of divinity.

I believe the God is the true formation of love.  He gave us the mother nature.  He gave us mundane things to savor.  He gave us freedom.  He created us just to let us experience all these things.  Does he ask any thing in turn?  No.  He won’t even appear to us.  That is true love.  The love that gives every thing without expecting any thing.

That is why I love God.  He is every thing to me.  I find peace when I take His name.  I feel confident when I pray Him.  I feel eternally protected whether I am in His prayer or not. The chanting of sacred AUM invokes perpetual peace.  As I have experienced AUM is the powerful tool to find happiness.  AUM is the path to the sublimes of love and peace.  Thus, I love AUM.  When I chant AUM I look into my self.  I see the depths of my self.  I find new world path in the exuding brilliance inside me.  The world that keeps me detached from everything including my own being.  It invokes marvelous happiness.  It is the God.  Who is residing in me.  He is my life.  I love this life.  I want a very long life so that I can experience the Divinity in me.