Being clean at heart is being spiritual. Every religion suggests purity of thought and deed. By birth every individual is pure at heart and soul. Purity emits the most positive vibrations. That is the reason we tend not to discriminate who the infant / toddler is and get attracted to her wherever, whenever and whoever she may be.

As we grow, we tend to hurt this purity with our own thoughts and actions. We learn to lie. We learn to think negative. This is where we start hurting our purity.

In fact, what is purity? Purity is invisible. Purity is attractive. Purity is powerful. Purity is sensitive and the God Himself is the very impersonation of purity. And the secret is that we can control it. Yes, we can control the God. It may hurt the God lovers to find this sentence. Not necessarily. Every religion had witnessed the saints who were close to God, to whom the God Himself was like a child.

When purity is in our control why cant we maintain it. Because, we are growing more and more worldly. We are growing greedy. We are ignoring and neglecting the very truth of our existence, which is live and let live.

By being worldly, is it that we hurt our purity? The very aspect of worldly is looking beyond what we deserve. Whenever we like to acquire a thing which is not ours it would be unethical. The thing which is unethical will effect our purity. What we earn is not all that what we deserve. Earning is supposed to be a livelihood process. But for us earning is becoming an incessant process. Beyond a reason. Without a reason. With no discrimination. In the process we tend to ignore the essentials of life. We grow with inhibitions. We  grow with anger. We hurt the other souls. We become restless. We seek solace in worldly pleasures. We slowly start our journey towards the fatal glitters of life.

You may ask, is it wrong to earn? Don’t I deserve to enjoy what I earn? Is it possible to be saintly all along in the life?

It is imperative that we earn. Earning is an important trait we should all cultivate. And earning money is not the only earning we should aim at. We should earn and grow with money, culture, ethics, honesty, and truth. But what we are aiming is just earning money. Which is wrong. At the same time we will have to enjoy the results of lies, lust and every negative form that we earn.

We certainly deserve to enjoy what we earn. But we are forgetting the fact that the real joy lies in sharing the joy. So let us share our earnings with the needy. Thus we save yourself from being greedy while we are earning. When we save ourself from being greedy, we tend to maintain our integrity. That is how we can control our purity while we are earning. This is definitely a form of saintliness. Saintliness is not in the garb. It is in the practice.

Let us save the purity in us.