Some of my tweets – Part-III

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Every day hundreds of thoughts cross through our mind.  We know the majority are involuntary ones.  At times, I try to divert my thoughts to a more purposeful subject.  I love to register those important thoughts on my Twitter account.

This post comprises some of my tweets.  This is one way of sharing my tweets and at the same time having a backup on my blog.

  • Every action of ours tantamount to meditation when it is done with devotion.
  • In every walk of our life, we should involuntarily compile a risk register to consistently succeed in life.
  • People who always tend to look things through negative lens also throw negative vibes.
  • When your work is inspired by dreams, it can make the impossible possible.
  • Product innovation reduces the burden of marketing innovation.
  • When the failure frowns upon you, use the magic wand called ‘confidence’.
  • Nothing is impossible to achieve through right and disciplined communication. Trade and commerce to divinity.
  • Can ‘growth’ be a regular point of business agenda? Does it reflect positive or negative?
  • We can eradicate pain and penury only when the world stops surviving on money.
  • We care about Voice of Customer & talk about Voice of People. The consistent need, however, is advocacy to Voice of Sufferers on the street.
  • We should not need an every time wake-up call to attend to the mute appeal of people under Below Poverty Line (BPL).
  • Positive revolutions take place when intellectuals break their silence.
  • Playing or interacting with children is a lesson to us. They help us learn many things & make us understand our weaknesses / shortcomings.
  • The biggest challenge in making a project plan is drawing pragmatic sales projections.
  • The temple which is built with bricks of purity and devotion is stronger than the God.
  • Life is like a long drive. Inherently, both have joy, speed breaks, congestion, accident, breakdown, companion, entertainment, and more.
  • The true success is not in the continuing journey of success, but one being humble through the success.
  • We will feel lazy to take His name or we will ignore His prayer till we continue receiving His blessings.

I would be happy to discuss on any point if you want me to elaborate further.

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Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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April 24, 2011. The day Sri Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the embodiment of love, peace, and sanctity left us. The day the color ‘saffron’ lost its brilliance, the day the color ‘white’ lost its abode, the day the humanity lost its leader.  The day I lost my life.

“You are seeking joy and peace in far-off places. But the spring of joy is in your heart. The haven of peace is in yourself” …………………………Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

I have lost my heart, my Bhagawan, My Lord, and My Life – Please come back and lit the joy in my life.

Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Today, when I recall many sweet chantings like “Krishna Jai. Krishna Jai.  Krishna, Krishna, Krishna Jai” from His electrifying tone and as chorused by His disciple world, I am lost in myself.  My soul weeps at every thought, at every glance and at every sound representing my Bhagawan.  When can again I experience the loving gait of Him?  When can I enjoy the Godly, peaceful smile of Him?  When can I enjoy His every flowery movement and gestures addressing His disciples?  When can I listen to the invigorating, honeyed tone of Him?  When can I find His abode being ornated with His presence again?  When can I experience the sight of active spiritual corridors, sacred chants, loving thoughts, service hustles, and flourishing environs of Puttaparthi?

The true Leader of Humanity!  The true Leader of Reformation!  The only savior-being of this era!  Hey Bhagawan!  Will you appear back for us?  Will you again fill the holy moments of love, peace, and sanctity with your divine presence?  Can you hear our agony?

I am lost.  Do I need to prolong this life of mine when My Dear Lord, My Life and My Soul, Sri Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba left me?  My heart weeps and my state of mind says:

“When you are lost in emotional warmth, when tears drench your body, when your heart goes heavy, when your voice is choked and when your tonal chords turn the sweetest ever, he has occupied you.  Let the moment not leave you.  Make it eternal.  Let the life be taken over by Him”.

My mind left me for Him.  My body doesn’t want to feel its weight.  I am not able bear the loss.  I twice had a close glimpse of Him in my life.  Luck didn’t favor me again.  I am so unfortunate that I couldn’t experience the living God while he was present.

I will follow His preachings through my life.  I know this is the only way to connect with Him.  Bhagawan ke bina anand nahi.  Still, I want to live my life just to remember Him every moment and to spread around me the love, peace and joy.

Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram

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The perishing relationships

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The one thing that touches me often is the matter of relationships and the changing perceptions of people about acquiring, maintaining and dumping relationships.  My observation herein is about the friendship, which has been the most sacred relationship experienced by us from childhood. I recall here the days of my schooling where I had several friends who were a mix of classmates and neighbors.  We had enjoyed a very close bondage till we reached college and had to disperse to different directions for further education and avocations.  During those 10 years of togetherness we never knew to have had any big differences of opinion or never had a judgmental view of each others personality or never tried to reckon any one from the perspective of social, financial or personal worth.  We had very natural and trivial issues that would disappear into oblivion sooner they occur.

Now I see a sea change in the perception and meaning of relationships.  I find there is a glaring gap in the bondage and thinking in the relations unlike the earlier times of school and college.  There is a gradual waning of personal touch in the relations similar to the loss of taste in the food we eat today.  Relationship evolved to be need based and perishable.  Friendship started demanding perpetual incubation to keep it alive.  I mean one need to be resourceful, useful and materially strong to retain friendship.  Otherwise, friendship will cease to stay any further.  There is a negligible value to personal traits, personality and intellect of an individual.  An unfortunate incident or a misunderstanding or eves drop can mar the prospects of friendship.  People don’t have time to analyze the facts or appraise the situations to patch up the broken relations.  People don’t hesitate to swapping or switching of friendship should there be a benefit of relation.  Though such an approach doesn’t deserve the label of friendship; it still enjoys the tag of friendship.

The trend is also obvious within and among the family relations.  We like to see a friend in the spouse.  Our children want us to treat them as friends.  Friends are friends. All this is probably to make things flexible for dumping relationship any time.

A real friendship should:

  1. Value the positive personal traits
  2. Grow emotional and caring
  3. Conduct beyond worldly thinking
  4. Be void of inhibitions
  5. Inculcate openness
  6. Not hold closed view
  7. Be non-jealous
  8. Crave to retain relationship and value personal worth of individuals
  9. Try to improve the longevity of friendship
  10. Correct the deficiencies of friend

The obvious need of people in the society today is personal touch and to be humane.  If we are able to extend this we can contribute towards the common good of relationship and friends around us.

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Scary secrets of life – the need to explore

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Today owing to a bandh call (business and life bandh) in Hyderabad city and the incidental breakdown of my car, I had a walk to my office. Walking is my hobby too. I was covering the distance very leisurely enjoying the traffic-free, low decibel city avenues taking a complete view of the shopping arcades and the distantly dotted sugarcane juice, coconut and fruit vendors. I paused my walk at the coconut vendor to relish the nature-bestowed nectar.

The coconut vendor being familiar to me wondered if I had the wrath of striking mob as I didn’t have my car with me. We had a casual exchange of words on the man made perils called bandhs & dharnas, which have become very frequent in the recent past. Having finished the halt, I continued my walk to stop at a signal island where I felt the need to catch some conveyance and was keenly watching the plying autos. In the process, my eyes stuck to one of the autos with a lady passenger who looked like a beggar.  For a moment I some how felt very strange at the sight of the lady passenger.

Though the lady in her 20s was wearing the look of a beggar, her sitting posture and the attractive eyes were telling a different story that she could not be a beggar. Having lost the thought on this, I kept waiting further. As my patience died down, I took up walking again. Even before I could cover a few yards further, I happen to find the same lady passenger sitting on the footpath. She stopped me abruptly and made a humble request in a very presentable English tone for a help of Rs.10. I immediately offered her a rupee 10 note and at the same time felt that I should help her more. I took out further notes and tried to offer the same. By then she walked back as another pedestrian at a distance gestured her some help.

The above is one of those few incidents I had personally encountered where I found women at young age had to take roads as destitute abandoned by the society and the time. The scaring fact in all the incidents had been that the women were evidently not from the low strata of society.  A very incidental and recent mis-happenings must have landed them in the situation. Behind their rough look and despaired body one common thing I found was that all of them had a refined body language, fine gait, clean voice reflecting perfect educational background.  The way they dressed was also different from that of the roadside beggars. In one of the incidents I have even found a lady with truly refined walk like a model on the ramp. She did not lose the facial expressions and the confidence in the given situation.

Totally different from the above, I often find on the road divider a man in his 40s, badly emancipated but wearing confident looks, with a pen and a newspaper in his hand drawing some sketches on the white spaces of the newspaper. My wife observes that he must be coming from a definite background of arts going by the style he holds the pen and paper and the sketches he draw.

I had to undergo a lot of stress and disturbance of mind at every given situation explained above. I would have taken further responsibility and try to reach them for any possible handhold. I know I could even refer them to one of the NGOs who could take care of their welfare further. But owing to busy and mechanical life and on the way to attend an exigency and at times unable to decide instant course of action, I had to be a mere spectator in the above situations like many others.

My purpose of recalling this is not to write a story. I have, however, decided to dispense my time to take care of such incidents in future. I wanted to pose a question to everybody. Can we analyze and explore the scary secrets that bring people to this pathetic phase of life? Life as we all know is a mix of happiness and sorrows. But sorrow and misfortune cannot bring learned class to this kind of situation. They must have undergone serious convulsions in life and veered away from the life’s path. As a true human being it is our responsibility to not to ignore any mis-happenings, misfortunes and unfortunate incidents that take pace in the friends network or so. Such an attention would at least help someone known to us falling prey to the unknown depths of life as I had mentioned above.

We just need to be a little more attentive, dispensing our personal time for the well being of our fellow beings.

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Social development, globally.

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Philanthropy has no barriers.  This has aptly been proven by global leaders like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg and many others who are contributing to the well being of disadvantaged around the globe.  The Indian Corporate companies like Infosys, Wipro, Reliance, TATAs are also active through their CSR programs in serving the society.

As a whole the amount of aid extended globally to social sector runs into billions of dollars.  Despite this, we find all-around from hamlets to urban cosmopolitans, scores of people suffering from hunger, shelter, disease and illiteracy. Besides the population who are categorized as Below Poverty Line (BPL), there are millions of middle class families who struggle discretely for the very survival.

I have given the above as an introductory to my foregoing.  I visualize a big picture to handle the situation.  How?  Let me briefly indicate below:

  1. We identify one or more, may be up to 3 strategic locations in every target country where we identified emphatic, long-term and varied need to give hand-hold to the disadvantaged.
  2. The location is made self-sufficient with customized, innovative, dynamic, scalable, secured and infrastructure related to the required area(s) of development like education, health care, and economic empowerment.
  3. Each location can hold either integrated amenities or can be equipped with one specialized focus area and remaining common requirements.
  4. We identify the beneficiary population from every country.  We facilitate special agreements of working with each country so that we accommodate cross cultural beneficiaries in the respective country locations.  Thus, every country will have mixed beneficiaries drawn from every other country in the given location(s).
  5. We ensure that the governing people in each location whether the faculty in the field of education, or operational staff or management will also go by the above placement criteria.  This measure will bring in a changed feeling and improve the participation of beneficiaries in the focused programs.  Cross cultural activities are always an encouraging and momentous events every where.
  6. We define and deploy world class knowledge tools, technology tools and human resources to implement, operate, manage, review and correct the operational metrics of the programs.  This could be through an integrated tool infrastructure which will be used, monitored and reviewed with each other location or an independent infrastructure specific to a given location.
  7. Fund raising, advocacy, program design are handled by core global team and rest of the things like implementation, performance management, legal affairs, and corporate governance are monitored by them.
  8. Global organizations like universities, research firms, renowned NGOs, health care institutions, tech firms provide their collaborative deliverables in the design and deployment of very infrastructure in line with the focused area of development in every location

What are the advantages of this?

  1. Scope to draw larger resources from several sources including the individual contributors.  This kind of infrastructure and focused approach will instill confidence in every citizen that their contributions won’t go waste or unseen.
  2. Cross cultural integration and implementation will bring in several natural advantages where beneficiaries will develop their individual stature with new ambitions.
  3. Considerable aid from the governments from its annual budgetary provisions is possible, which otherwise spend larger allocations that mostly go waste because of lack of monitoring.
  4. This will attract larger voluntary contributions in the form of human resources, material, expertise, encouragement and many more.
  5. The model once proven could be replicated across the required locations globally.
  6. The model can replace several independent and un-organized developmental activities.
  7. Above all, the donated monies and contributions are constructively, ethically utilized under globally monitoring environment.

I visualize the entire design in its whole sense beyond the above few points.  We may call the project Social City Development.  We need more social cities so that in the coming three decades, it is possible to bring down the social injustice to a greater level.

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Thanks to farmers on this Sankranti

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Farmers have witnessed the worst ever damage to their livelihood owing to natural calamities recently.  The situation in AP, India is more pathetic.  Sankranti is the most important festival for farming community as they welcome the festival with new crop, new clothes, new vigor and more.  Unfortunately, the situation is different.

I really feel for the farmer.  They invest thousands of rupees on the crop.  They toil all through the time.  They take care of the fields more like their children.  At the end they are left with loss of investment and loss of livelihood.

There is hardly any support from government against the huge succor required.

But farmers are true fighters.  They start their avocation with perpetual risk.  Still they toil on the fields.  The true beneficiaries are people like us.  Who enjoy the crops.  But the actual fruits of their labour is juiced by the brokers.

I wish them the best in their ensuing crop and my heartfelt gratitude for all that they grow for us to live.

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