Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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April 24, 2011. The day Sri Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the embodiment of love, peace, and sanctity left us. The day the color ‘saffron’ lost its brilliance, the day the color ‘white’ lost its abode, the day the humanity lost its leader.  The day I lost my life.

“You are seeking joy and peace in far-off places. But the spring of joy is in your heart. The haven of peace is in yourself” …………………………Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

I have lost my heart, my Bhagawan, My Lord, and My Life – Please come back and lit the joy in my life.

Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Today, when I recall many sweet chantings like “Krishna Jai. Krishna Jai.  Krishna, Krishna, Krishna Jai” from His electrifying tone and as chorused by His disciple world, I am lost in myself.  My soul weeps at every thought, at every glance and at every sound representing my Bhagawan.  When can again I experience the loving gait of Him?  When can I enjoy the Godly, peaceful smile of Him?  When can I enjoy His every flowery movement and gestures addressing His disciples?  When can I listen to the invigorating, honeyed tone of Him?  When can I find His abode being ornated with His presence again?  When can I experience the sight of active spiritual corridors, sacred chants, loving thoughts, service hustles, and flourishing environs of Puttaparthi?

The true Leader of Humanity!  The true Leader of Reformation!  The only savior-being of this era!  Hey Bhagawan!  Will you appear back for us?  Will you again fill the holy moments of love, peace, and sanctity with your divine presence?  Can you hear our agony?

I am lost.  Do I need to prolong this life of mine when My Dear Lord, My Life and My Soul, Sri Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba left me?  My heart weeps and my state of mind says:

“When you are lost in emotional warmth, when tears drench your body, when your heart goes heavy, when your voice is choked and when your tonal chords turn the sweetest ever, he has occupied you.  Let the moment not leave you.  Make it eternal.  Let the life be taken over by Him”.

My mind left me for Him.  My body doesn’t want to feel its weight.  I am not able bear the loss.  I twice had a close glimpse of Him in my life.  Luck didn’t favor me again.  I am so unfortunate that I couldn’t experience the living God while he was present.

I will follow His preachings through my life.  I know this is the only way to connect with Him.  Bhagawan ke bina anand nahi.  Still, I want to live my life just to remember Him every moment and to spread around me the love, peace and joy.

Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram

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The perishing relationships

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The one thing that touches me often is the matter of relationships and the changing perceptions of people about acquiring, maintaining and dumping relationships.  My observation herein is about the friendship, which has been the most sacred relationship experienced by us from childhood. I recall here the days of my schooling where I had several friends who were a mix of classmates and neighbors.  We had enjoyed a very close bondage till we reached college and had to disperse to different directions for further education and avocations.  During those 10 years of togetherness we never knew to have had any big differences of opinion or never had a judgmental view of each others personality or never tried to reckon any one from the perspective of social, financial or personal worth.  We had very natural and trivial issues that would disappear into oblivion sooner they occur.

Now I see a sea change in the perception and meaning of relationships.  I find there is a glaring gap in the bondage and thinking in the relations unlike the earlier times of school and college.  There is a gradual waning of personal touch in the relations similar to the loss of taste in the food we eat today.  Relationship evolved to be need based and perishable.  Friendship started demanding perpetual incubation to keep it alive.  I mean one need to be resourceful, useful and materially strong to retain friendship.  Otherwise, friendship will cease to stay any further.  There is a negligible value to personal traits, personality and intellect of an individual.  An unfortunate incident or a misunderstanding or eves drop can mar the prospects of friendship.  People don’t have time to analyze the facts or appraise the situations to patch up the broken relations.  People don’t hesitate to swapping or switching of friendship should there be a benefit of relation.  Though such an approach doesn’t deserve the label of friendship; it still enjoys the tag of friendship.

The trend is also obvious within and among the family relations.  We like to see a friend in the spouse.  Our children want us to treat them as friends.  Friends are friends. All this is probably to make things flexible for dumping relationship any time.

A real friendship should:

  1. Value the positive personal traits
  2. Grow emotional and caring
  3. Conduct beyond worldly thinking
  4. Be void of inhibitions
  5. Inculcate openness
  6. Not hold closed view
  7. Be non-jealous
  8. Crave to retain relationship and value personal worth of individuals
  9. Try to improve the longevity of friendship
  10. Correct the deficiencies of friend

The obvious need of people in the society today is personal touch and to be humane.  If we are able to extend this we can contribute towards the common good of relationship and friends around us.

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Some of my tweets on Twitter – II

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I keep tweeting my thoughts and express opinions on business mundane.  Twitter is my favorite platform which gives us the freedom to be socially active.  I would like to share through this posting some of my tweets.

This is a better way of preserving tweets as at times old tweets disappear from display.

  • It is ideal to increase our focus on changing customer perceptions and requirements than a mere strategy to face competitors.
  • Every day review of his / her business is a big learning for entrepreneur. Personal touch in the context with customers is a big asset.
  • I won’t consider IRR alone for a given project if I find an opportunity to create higher brand value for a venture as I favor long-term returns.
  • Tweets are better than any news whether TV or News Paper. We can have what we want on the platter.
  • We should have more BPLAN fairs by VCs to attract and encourage innovations from small cities.
  • ERP application is like pillars and roof. Once deployed, it will be a big decision to replace or remove.
  • When rain copulates with the earth, livelihood sprouts.
  • Playing with children is a form of Yoga.
  • Every small good thing inspires me and every big blow strengthens me.
  • An entrepreneur who is at the brink of success should be more cautious.
  • We can raise the self-esteem of our team by treating them as ‘human intellect’ than human resources or human capital.
  • Business has evolved to be a bonding element in the society while insensitivity to human relations playing a major role.
  • Performance failure of an employee could turn the pointer back to mentoring, recruitment, welfare, growth or HR insensitivity.
  • There can’t be a better CSR effort than creating employment in the focused areas.
  • One of the important welfare measures, I prefer for my team would be an exclusive incubating center to prove their individual expertise.
  • Human intellect is the bonding agent in the business pyramid.
  • Entrepreneur is also like a King or ruler of a country who should think and work for the common and larger benefit.
  • Collective productivity and collective growth should be the tenets of leadership.
  • Visionary should be like a true film director who envision and steer movie for others.
  • Time doesn’t wait for any one. Our age doesn’t wait for achievements.
  • The base for human development and human destruction is human intellect. The difference is the purpose of its application.
  • If you are reciprocative, you are everything – responsible, mutual, accountable, professional, sensitive, and caring.
  • The one luxury that is abundantly enjoyed by the poor is sleep.
  • An enterprise which doesn’t define its Vision could carry the risk of making journey without knowing the destination.
  • In the worldly life, that we live, anger is an important tool at times to control others encroachment on our personality.
  • When you feel you are getting undeserved treatment from the God, talk to your strength.
  • Recession periods are shutdown times for maintenance of organizations.
  • Miscommunication is the seed for conflicts. Clarified communication is the best solution.

Will post some more sometime.

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Some of my tweets

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I keep posting my thoughts on Twitter.  All the thoughts and expressions are random and impromptu.  I have posted below some of the tweets from Twitter account EPMWORLD_HYD.

I would be happy to discuss on any of the thoughts,  should someone like me to elaborate further.

Tweets from @EPMWORLD_HYD

The World Sparrow Day - 'Chirp for the sparrow! Tweet for the sparrow!'

  1. An entrepreneur who feels ‘why should I contribute to CSR’  should also remind himself that it is the society, which gives him business.
  2. Business relations will always flourish on the clarity and fulfillment of   business terms.
  3. An entrepreneur should weave his dreams taking stakeholders as threads.  There is nothing beyond stakeholders in business.
  4. Legitimacy, transparency, stakeholder aspirations, and CSR should drive any business.  Not profits alone.
  5. Business entry is a moral commitment to society (which provide us business) that we are going to draw business legitimately.
  6. An entrepreneur once he announces his enterprise is accountable to his stakeholders.  Growth, failure, and exit all matters to them
  7. Many entrepreneurs make a big mistake. Not having proper documentation like Project Plan, methodologies, financial reports, & even profile.
  8. An entrepreneur should begin his morning with serene thoughts.
  9. Self-employed individual should know his / her professional strength without laying hand on everything.
  10. An egocentric start-up owner would gradually loose his stakeholders’ patronage.
  11. Major thrust of any CSR program should be empowerment than constant handhold.
  12. Money is like blood to an enterprise and team is like the nervous system. Thus, a healthy and vibrant team is vital any time.
  13. We don’t board a flight without knowing the destination. Similarly start-ups should know brand direction and destination.
  14. Business plan is cardinal for any start-up.  But more vital is its true implementation.
  15. Keep watching the children playing in their own world. It is also a kind of meditation and yoga.
  16. The promoter and his team should drive the business with confidence. Otherwise they loose the confidence of stakeholders.
  17. We need to inculcate accountability in an employee. May be induction process should evaluate this trait in a more analytical way.
  18. Reading our inner self is important before we read others mind. It informs us what we need to know about others. Again with no prejudice.
  19. We need universities who exclusively develop faculty in all major disciplines, before the matured intellectuals disappear.
  20. Afforestation is important to our sustenance. Similarly planting the seeds of leadership in the younger minds is very important.
  21. Good communication is branding.  Soft tone, tender words and quality talk create better image than a marathon speech.
  22. Branding has a seed at every communication we make with our stakeholders.  Bad seed.  Bad brand.  Good seed.  Good brand.
  23. Money is a very important resource for entrepreneurship. But right team is an indispensable resource without which investment goes waste.
  24. Promoters should maintain consistent momentum to succeed in business.  Some start-up ventures face threat due to weaning interest in promoters.
  25. Small Entrepreneurs and Farmers are two eyes to India.  Surprisingly, they are the most neglected lot in India.
  26. We need engineers, scientists, mathematicians and leaders. Not graduates.
  27. Self-employment or business is like swimming in the ocean. Planning and luck takes you to treasure. Otherwise, to sharks.
  28. Idea incubation can help in regional development.
  29. I don’t see any business, which can’t be evolved into an online model.
  30. Every housewife can attain financial independence through technology exploitation and online business model.
  31. An analysis says – an average Indian in 2020 will be only 29 yrs old. It is high time to instill leadership abilities from high school level.
  32. Gujarat is a shining example. Salute to the true leader Modiji
  33. Many start-ups fail owing to poor marketing.  Produce just lie in the warehouse.  They end up in bleeding finances.  Start-ups need greater planning.
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Leadership is an institution

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I consider the word ‘leadership’ akin to spiritual chant.  Every talk of an Intellectual, Academician and thinker would invariably insist on developing leaders.  Leadership is an institution where vision is created, objectives are defined, goals are set, people are lead, mentored, resources are optimized, integrity is maintained, values are enhanced, and collective results are achieved.  The purpose may be a commercial project, a voluntary cause, a social change, an intellectual voice or a political movement.  Personal touch, attitudinal balancing, and risk mitigation carry the leadership mission towards the envisioned objectives.  The most valuable result of any leadership should be creating more leaders.

The need for nurturing leadership: There is an overall need (a) to optimize resources, (b) bring in time discipline, (c) preserve culture, (d) protect environment, (e) develop talent and (f) handhold disadvantaged.  We are still governed by age-old laws, rules and even constitutions against drastic change in the need, outlook, versatility and dynamism of people.  (i) We have a very matured technology, which could be applied for accelerated development.  (ii) We have the challenge of ageing intellectuals.  (iii) There is a need for growing tolerance towards cultural, religious and regional integrity.  (iv) There is an urgency to fight with the divisive forces in every walk of life, a challenge felt in every society globally.  (v) We need leaders who can bring and lead change in several spheres.  Leadership is indispensable to address these impending requirements.  If we don’t develop right leadership, our progeny would end up vying for limited resources, get embroiled in integrity issues; and go directionless resulting in chaos.

Where to begin: As we have abundant natural resources, we discover ways of using them for productivity, invent value creation and gain material wealth.  With similar spirit let us look at the younger generation.  We need to enlighten them about the value of their intellect.  Explain them the future and the need of hour for safe future.  Equip them with challenges and mentor them to prove themselves.  Hand them the steering while we assist them in risk mitigation.  Nurturing should begin with academe.

Role of academe: Leadership should be a separate subject in academics.  The subject could be appropriately introduced right from the school level.  This approach is highly imperative especially in developing countries.  The prevailing ‘academic projects’ are purely subject oriented.  They don’t give preference to the team spirit, individual excellence, not supported by required infrastructure, and lack genuine evaluation.

We need to improve the analytical perspective in younger generation.  Teach them the analytics.  Support their dreams.  Make them understand the nature and potential of vision.  Inform them how they could achieve their dreams through leadership while getting individual recognition, name and fame.  Tell them that selflessness is genuine till it touche the threshold of exploitation. In essence, we nurture leadership in academe to save our progeny.

Role of parents:  Home is the source inspiration for future leaders.  It is the responsibility of parents to rightly identify the talent, ability and direction of children and connect with pedagogy and academy towards developing children as true leaders. Certain traits like honesty, ethics, culture, and moral values being personal and sensitive to individuals should be inculcated at home under the critical observation and correction of parents.

To make the job of parents easy and comprehensible, we should address exclusive mentoring sessions to parents about their role, responsibilities, path and actions in nurturing leadership sprout in children.

Role of youth – the leaders in the making: Dream a bright and big future.  Understand the need to align yourself and your growth with the society, as it would enhance your stature, admire your contribution, emulate your actions paving brighter path to your progeny in turn.  Be amiable, hardworking and sincere in your actions.  Remember collective action brings in faster results.  Inculcate fraternal spirit.

Leadership challenges:  Nothing is easier in the world than preaching.  Managing team is the complex ever task we can imagine. There could be many divergent aspects as to why a team member may not deliver his worth and stand as a challenge to the leader.  Some of the reasons could be, (i) insufficient job knowledge, (ii) disinterest, (iii) ego, (iv) attitude, (v) selfish nature, (vi) insufficient or improper communication, (vii) team conflicts, (viii) leadership style, (ix) working environment, (x) dependency factor, (xi) time constraints, (xii) stress, (xiii) personal problems, (xiv) perceptive understanding, (xv) lack of faith in the leadership / results, and more….

Requirements to succeed: A leader should maintain absolute discretion to a point of Yes or No. Timing of Yes or No make a lot of difference to the whole cause itself.  He should be firm, assertive in managing deliverables.  He should maintain emotional balance with a soft tone reaching his message in clear terms.  He should accord highest priority to the welfare and growth of his team members and empower them to achieve required goals.  Any act of enforcement or grudge holding should never be in the dictionary of a leader.

We need active involvement of learned people to make our younger generation strong and receptive to future challenges.

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The earning potential for college students

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Every student while in his college pursuing either 2 year, 3 year or 4 year education should focus on:

  1. Pragmatic outlook on academic inputs: Don’t focus on your subjects only from the perspective of examinations.  Understand the relevance of each and every topic in your day to day life.  Co-relate them with things, situations, happenings, business matters, knowledge addition, practical application, future relevance, career aspect, or any mundane aspect.  Expand your mind to look into the details and comprehensiveness.  Depend on the text books and reference books.  Never focus on guide books alone.  Get things clarified from your faculty or peers.  Create a study network with like minded students.  This will help you maintain the academic momentum.
  2. Excellence in academics: Question yourself!  Why can’t you achieve this when you spend several years and thousands of hours on education?  Understand the future value of this.  You could become an inventor.  You could discover some thing big.  You could reach professional heights in your career.  You could become an author.  Any thing is possible when you grow with excellence.  This excellence would make the strongest foundation for the rest of your life.
  3. Scientific temper: Let us not just enjoy the things invented by Einstein and many other distinguished inventors and scientists.  Develop your analytical perspective.  Scientific temper is the cause for innovative approach in your academics or career.
  4. Specialization in any one or 2 subjects: This is very essential.  Without this you will not be able to make out your strength in a constructive and presentable way.  This will form the base for your career development.  You will be recognized after this, once you attain maturity and hold on the subject.
  5. Career path development:  Read with point 4 above.  Don’t postpone your career decisions for post college period.  Upon completion of your college education, you should straight walk into a career or academic specialization.  Every time you should draw relevance of your subject with your future career and profession so that it would accelerate your career progress.  This would be like an experience without being employed.
  6. Individual excellence: You should inculcate conducive personal traits like honesty, team spirit, integrity, moral & ethical values, dependability, and sincerity.  Academic excellence+individual excellence will lead you to consistent success in life.
  7. Moral responsibility towards family and society:  Utmost important for you and for your progeny.  This has lot of reciprocal value.  This approach will give you the invaluable strength, should any untoward things happen in your life.
  8. Social responsibility: Read with point-7.  You should use your knowledge and intellect for the development of others.  We, every one being the elements of this society should take up the ownership to make it good through distribution of knowledge and / or wealth.  Support the needs of others in the way it is possible with you.  It only adds to your personality.  Sharing is the life.
  9. Earning while in college: I accord utmost importance to this.  How is it possible?  Depending upon the culture and approach of your college, you could participate in real time projects extended by Small Businesses.  Take up some related work based on your subject matter, academic relevance or specialization.  It could be market research, website development, project plan development, involving in content research, participating in e-Learning, undertaking marketing and promotional activities, social work, developing multi-media content or any other activity which will give you experience and reward.  Don’t look for money alone to undertake these activities.  Don’t pay even.  Target relevant experience, which is more than a money.  Once you prove it in one or two project assignments you will obviously receive remuneration.  This will translate your academic exposure to practical experience while giving you earning capability while being in college.
  10. Time optimization:  You can’t achieve any of the above things, if you don’t value your time.  Time is every thing.  Time is future.  Time is money when you know how to utilize it.
  11. Entrepreneur instincts: You could raise a start-up taking the support of  your knowledge, expertise, and team spirit.  Store your ideas, have periodical review of the same, consult an expert if required to understand the market relevance of them, try to visualize an enterprise to convert them to business.  Many big businesses were results of ideas born in the campus.

Are you a student reading this posting?  Then note down your score against the above 10 points. If you happen to find the above not being contextual to your college age or you like to strike-off one or more as your later responsibilities [after finishing your college education and settling down in life], you should be missing the greatest opportunity to make your life resourceful and delightful.  You may not be able to abide by or attach with each and every thing at a time.  But you could do it gradually starting with the very first year of your college education.  You should dream and envision your future for greater achievements.

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