RADBLOK, Anti Radiation Chip from Maxwell Research, Hyderabadha

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Let us protect ourselves from Mobile Radiation.


Mobile phones have emerged to be the dominant accessories in our day today life the way we wear cloths.  We display with pride our mobile phone(s).  We tuck them close to our body.  We feel possessive about our mobile phone. But what is not known to many of us is that mobile phones emit microwave radiation [RFR] which is quite harmful to our health.  Many research reports and government health agencies have felt that RFR is like a slow poison and may cause cancer in few years or few decades depending upon extent of exposure and its duration.

Maxwell Research, Hyderabad is a three year old research firm which is primarily engaged in the research, design, development and manufacturing of anti radiation devices and more.  One of its products RADBLOK is an anti radiation chip which protects mobile users from the hidden dangers of mobile radiation.   RADBLOK is the only chip which has received CE Certification which would mean that RADBLOK complies with all relevant essential requirements (e.g. health and safety or environmental requirements) laid down in the applicable directive(s) and the same has been examined by an independent conformity assessment body.

Ever since its launch thousands of mobile users started using RADBLOK.  It is being sold across cities through its dealer and distributor network.  Significantly RADBLOK is also available on the shelfs of MedPlus Pharma outlets.

It is time that we use RADBLOK to protect ourselves from the dangerous RFR emitted by Mobile phones. Significantly, RADBLOK is a mouse click away here.

RADBLOK is also a low investment self employment opportunity.  If you are looking for a very small investment business opportunity as humble as INR 10,000/- you may take up RADBLOK retail trading.  For more details one may contact 91-8686444888.

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State Bank of India – SME branches, Hyderabad and Secunderabad

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Following are some of the SME loan products from State Bank of India.  These are specifically designed by SBI in support of improved credit to SMEs.  The inline image shows the SME branches of SBI in Hyderabad and Secunderabad twin cities.  The details herein are drawn from SBI loan product sheet and aspirant individuals, SMEs may contact the SME branches of SBI falling under their jurisdiction in twin cities.  The information is given for the benefit of readers and I don’t deal with facilitating loans.  However, I can assist individuals and organizations in project fund / Project finance documentation, representation of your project fund requirement with relevant funding organizations, and professional support in the context.

sbi sme branch loan products

SME Current Accounts:

  1. SME Power pack, SME Power gain, SME Premium
  2. Business Current Accounts with QAB ranging from INR 20,000/ to INR 5.0 lakhs
  3. Freebies, concessions and nil charges on various transaction in the account
  4. Business Debit Card and Insta Cash Deposit Card facility available
  5. Current Account withdrawals can be made in ATMs with BDCs
  6. Cash Deposit can be made in CDMs with ICDs
  7. Under Surabhi Deposit Scheme Business Current Accounts will earn interest also.

POS (SWIPING) Machine & Power POS account

  1. POS machines with wide acceptability of debit/credit cards with attractive merchant discount rate.
  2. Power POS current account may be opened with zero balance
  3. POS overdraft facility of INR 25,000/-

Asset backed loan (ABL)

  1. Business units can avail the loans under the scheme for build up of current assets, fixed assets, modernization and such purposes
  2. 60% of the value of the property
  3. Minimum of INR 10.00 lakhs and maximum of INR 20.00 crores
  4. Very attractive rate of interest at 11.75% [enquire with bank for the current rate of interest]
  5. Drop line overdraft facility
  6. Half yearly stock statement

Open term loan

  1. A pre-approved term loan facility – option of multiple disbursement for multiple purposes
  2. Business units may finalise plan and avail the disbursement within 12 months
  3. Useful for existing units banking with SBI or other banks
  4. Maximum of INR 2.50 crores
  5. Collateral as per the bank norms

Electronic Dealer Finance Scheme (e-dfs)

  1. To provide financial assistance to authorised dealers of industry majors(IMs)
  2. Bank has tie ups with a large number of IMs for providing e-DFS to the dealers authorised by IMs
  3. 100% funding of invoices
  4. Collateral security @ 25% or inil as per the tie up with IM
  5. Very attractive rate of interest @ 10.30% presently
  6. Disbursements are on specialised e-platform through INB

Project finance for large value private builders

  1. Working capital finance on Project specific basis
  2. Reputed, successful quality builders with 3 ventures minimum experience
  3. Upto 50% finance of the net requirement
  4. Subject to statutory clearances from all competent authorities
  5. CRA linked interest rates
  6. 100% mortgage of land & building / alternate collateral
  7. Repayment in 24 months (max) extendable to 36 months

All the above SME loan products are as announced by SBI which may revise them from time to time.  Hence, readers may confirm the operation and admissibility factors with their relevant SME branch.


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Top 10 Business Opportunities for year 2015

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Top 10 business opportunities in 9 business sectors for year 2015

India definitely is traveling on a progressive and visionary path.  Progressive path would mean new job opportunities and attractive self-employment sources.  Newness may be triggered by capacity addition by existing businesses, diversification by existing businesses, budding young entrepreneurs or foreign investments flow.

Compared to the last five years I find these days an increased momentum among first generation business aspirants.  I am receiving more enquiries and more serious seekers for first time business guidance.

Today’s market is in a position to accommodate any number of new entrants and innovative offerings.  We find a positive momentum around us in the market.  Mission Make in India and resultant momentum and the stability factor of government at center are the driving factors for this positive trend.

However, growth and progress should not be linked to the growth and expansion of business by existing business owners or foreign investments.  Growth in first generation or new generation businesses symbolizes true growth.  There is a huge mismatch between the efforts of government and the attitude of lending institutions.  Aspirant young entrepreneurs are facing denial of service attitude from banks.  Credit raising scheme like CGFT which is supposed to be the harbinger of newer entrepreneurship opportunities is standing as a stumbling block owing to bank’s reluctance to rightly assist the credit aspirants.  Government should address this gap on war footing basis.  Otherwise we will lose bright ideas and young innovations from newer generation.  Make in India is a laudable effort.  But we also need to create an avenue for Made in India and Made by Young Indians.

I would become very emotional if I continue on the above deficiencies in the system.  I would now focus below sector wise top 10 business opportunities in 9 industry sectors [90 business opportunities] for the year 2015 and further. To understand the statistics of growth in various industry sectors you may visit http://www.ibef.org/.

If you would like to know details concerning any business opportunity you may leave below your comment.  I will attempt to provide you all possible information.

S No.



Food Processing:


This is the fastest growing industry. Several opportunities exist in this sector apart from the regular ones like milk dairy, fruit products, masalas, and more.  Some of them:

1 Ready to eat food
2 Filled snacks, Extruded snacks
3 Organic food products
4 Fusion [herb mixed] food recipes
5 Energy foods
6 Mixed edible oils
7 Local delicacies [demographic specific food specialities]
8 Any time food mobile outlets
9 Mini Readymade Snack makers
10 Innovative packaging for food products


Renewable Energy:


This sector comes with evolving technologies to achieve higher utilization of natural resources at lowest cost.  Hence, one needs to keep a constant eye on the newer introductions to reduce investment risks.

1 Solar power plants
2 Solar power rooftop systems
3 LED lighting products
4 Solar power driven LED lighting products
5 LED solutions for industry and commercial segment
6 Biomass power [Power generation using agriculture and biodegradable non-plastic waste and some crops like corn, grass]
7 LED Lighting fixtures
8 Solar & LED Expertise Development institutions
9 Solar & LED solution for agriculture sector
10 Consulting for Recycling and Waste Management projects




FMCG is the backbone for consumer goods industry.  The produce of various manufacturers finds its customers in FMCG outlets.  FMCG is rapidly becoming a market place for branded to private label products.  Success of FMCG outlet is mostly dependent on the variety of merchandise backed by promised quality and service.  Every existing provision store can evolve itself into a modern FMCG outlet to harness business potential.

1 Exclusive organic products
2 Exclusive private label products
3 Exclusive demographic targetted products [gender, age, profession etc.,]
4 Micro FMCG outlets with mobile units
6 FMCG Brand Management Consulting
7 Online FMCG Stores
8 FMCG Packaging solutions
9 FMCG manpower education and consulting
10 FMCG Management [technology] Tools


Information Technology:


Informaton Technology is like salt for food.  Every small and big business is dependent on the technology tools in each and every process of business.  There are several established tools in the market right from huge ERP applications to tiny SMS pushing interface.  However, what is needed now is technology evolving to the pace, scope, and attitude of customers.  Given below are some of the opportunities as I understand relevant for the present market.

1 Analytical Tools  targetted at lead generation, customer support, to customer aspiration analysis and more.
2 Sector specific online Helpdesk solutions using social media tools
3 Rapid Web Application Development Centers with strong mobile app dev and hosting experience.
4 Digital Content Developers with definite expertise in design, content writing, market analysis, creativity, versatility to use technology tools and more.  The content could be PDF documents, Digital Books, e-Learning content, marketing collateral and artworks for social media platform.
5 Social Media Strategists who knows the sensitivities of online privacy besides the functions and features of tools so as to suggest right strategy and guide right campaign for various business needs.
6 eCommerce portals.  High potential market.  Online portals would face early death unless they come with application efficiency, aggressive marketing, evolving upgrades, precision service, promise compliance, care for customer privacy and most importantly highly secured application architecture.
7 Internet Security Tools and Internet education
8 3D Printing & Prototyping
9 Technology skill development institution
10 Cyber Crime Detection services – Cyber Forensics


Fabrication and Processing:


There are numerous opportunities in this segment.  However, it helps in the success of business if the promoter comes with subject matter expertise.  Innovation today is a small twist to any existing solution.  Creativity is the business driver especially in design and fabrication.

1 Stainless Steel Fabrication.  This is rapidly growing alternate for wood products.  Household furniture, building profiles, commercial furniture, space management designs and many other areas could be exploited for self employment.
2 Space Management Products.  For residential, commercial, small office, and small business segments considering ergonomic needs.  The products could be created using stainless steel, aluminium, wood, composite material, various polymers and mixed metals.  In the growing struggle for space and ascending lifestyle for more comforts it benefits us if we can customize even a 300 sft area with all the two bed room comforts through intelligent furniture design.
3 Recycling products: processing used tyres, municipal solid waste, agriculture waste, plastic waste, drinage water recycling, and many more opportunities.
4 Innovation center in tool design.  A group of experts in various branches of engineering can create an innovative design center with customized design services for individuals to enterprises.  The offerings could be product design to machinery maintenance as relevant to their experience and expertise.
5 Prefab products for low cost housing
6 Metal extrusion products
7 Plastic extrusion products
8 Prefab products: Bricks, Blocks, Rooftiles, Slabs, Pavers
9 Surface finishing and electroplaing services
10 Plastic stationery manufacturing


Service sector:


The opportunities in the segment are unending.  Today’s customer doesn’t mind spending a rupee more provided he gets the desired service.  Further, service industry is the most investment friendly and could be started even by a one man organization.

1 Coin Laundry – Staionary and Mobile
2 Multi brand car servicing center with mobile service unit
3 Home food – Home delivery [quality and service speaks]
4 Logistics company [fuelled by online order deliveries]
5 Healthcare based service center
6 Grooming Services [Stylist, Image Consulting, Portfolio guidance]
7 Flatbed printing [Brand, labels, designs etc., on various articles]
8 Small Business Facilitation Center
9 Steam cleaning machines [Industry, Commercial, Residential]
10 Machine based Wall Plastering Services


Training & Professional education:


The need of the hour is subject matter experts in every sphere of science, technology, business and management.  We have universities.  We have several engineering and non-engineering colleges.  We have many other educational institutions.  These institutions would produce lakhs of graduates and post graduates.  However, several surveys indicate that our graduates lack required skills to attain a job.  Majority of them lack basic communication skills and learning aptitude.  The situation demands right faculty and right teaching.  Our students, employees and other individuals need periodic learning.  This is a great opportunity.  A long term opportunity for discerned investors.  Some of the opportunities in this segment would include:

1 Open source – CMS Apps
2 Social Media for Corporates & Individuals
3 Softskills and Personal Development
4 Leadership Development & Creativity
5 Communication and Emotional Intelligence
6 Data Analytics and Web Analytics
7 Google Applications and Small Business Applications
8 Cloud Computing and Applications
9 Project Management
10 Customer Relationship Management & Sales Development


Hardware & Electronic Sector:


This sector’s growth is fuelled by the growing choice for personal gadgets, smart phones, wearable computing solutions, cloud computing and ambition to tuck the world in purse.

1 Anti radiation products
2 Thermal Management Products for LED solutions
3 Inverters & Batteries manufacturing for domestic sector
4 Affordable GPS trackers and navigation sysems for individuals and transport fleet.  Considering the vulnerabilities in the safety we need affordable GPS trackers for children to elders or should make gps featured wrist watches affordable.
5 POS systems with data mining tools
6 SMART City & Home automation consulting
7 Innovations surrounding wearable computing


Mixed Business Opportunities:


Here is the list of mixed opportunities one can consider.

1 Retail outlet in Handicrafts – Bamboo, Cane, Clay
2 Retail outlet for Dry Fruits, Spices, Concentrates, Confectionary supplements
3 Designer packaging – Sweets, Fruits, Cakes, Chocolates
4 Incubation Centre [Ideal for group of individuals]
5 Crowd sourcing solutions
6 Textile [Manufacture and sale of readymade garments for gents]
7 Data Mining – Survey, Analyze, Sort, Sell
8 Outlet for All Brands Packaged drinking water
9 Youth Empowerment Centre [Social Enterprise]
10 Flatbed printing [Brand, labels, designs etc., on various articles]
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Register for training program on “How to setup a new business”

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new business

new business training

Submit registration form:

In reference to my earlier post on the ensuing training program “How to setup a new business” and Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/944855788864715/ I request the aspirant participants to fill in the attached Registration Form and forward it to ram@epmworld.in.

Your participation shall be confirmed upon receipt of the registration form and training fee.

For any clarifications please leave your comments here or post on our event page.

Please click the following link to download registration form.


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How to setup a new business – 2 day training

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new business

How to setup a new business – 2 day training November 8-9, 2014 at Hyderabad

Training – How to setup a new business?

There are different kinds of approaches among aspirant entrepreneurs during their initial momentum.

  1. Approach of the majority of aspirants would be that he/she would explore on their own the ways and means to turn their idea into business.  As a first step they go searching for a like minded partner and then into further steps.
  2. Some of the aspirants who would like to play safe would talk to business consultants for advise and guidance before they invest their money.
  3. Some of them directly approach banks for project finance with bare idea and without any documentation.
  4. Some of the aspirants would remain in suspended decision while keeping their dream alive.
  5. A very small percentage of aspirants just go ahead setting up their new business with a gut feeling.

We are conducting a 2 day training programme which would provide answers, guidance and momentum to every aspirant who is in the mind and action of starting a new business.

=== Outline on training content ===

  • How to finalize the best business idea?
  • How to start a new business?
  • What are the various steps to launch a business?
  • How to determine a right investment?
  • How to make a Feasibility Report and a Project Report?
  • How to make a Project Plan?
  • What are the schemes available for a security free loan?
  • How to market products or services?
  • What is the right path to achieve success?
  • How to improve present business?
  • How to build online presence for any Business?
  • How to grow to be a big company?
  • How to earn global identity?

=== Faculty profile ===


=== Contact ===


=== Fees ===

INR 4,000 per participant.

Lunch and two time tea is included.

=== Schedule and Duration ===

2 day training November 8-9, 2014 at Hyderabad.  The venue shall be notified in the first week.

This training program aims to cover all such above questions with case study/exercise specific 2 day 16 hour session.

=== Who can attend? ===

  • Anyone who intends to start a new business
  • Existing business owners
  • Consultants
  • Students who would like to get knowledge of business and entrepreneurship
  • Housewives who are keen to start home based businessThe sessions are covered in English with clarifications wherever so required in Telugu or Hindi.

=== Training material ===

  • Notebook, Pen
  • Model Project
  • ReportImportant templates

=== Takeaways ===

  • New Business ideas that you can immediately launch
  • Clarity in Vision, Approach, and Mechanism to start a new business
  • Templates that can be used in the process of setting up a new business
  • Mentoring on case-to-case basis to setup a Business

=== Facebook event ===

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Important links for startup business ideas

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Important Links for startup businesses

We have got numerous institutions in Government sector who assist in idea development to promotion of startup ideas.  The services constitute:

  1. Geography specific potential opportunities for startup businesses
  2. Sample Project Reports that provide one glance understanding of chosen startup project
  3. Data of capital equipment suppliers
  4. Steps to register a startup company
  5. Government Schemes with details of loans, incentives and other support to startup companies
  6. Research, Incubation and Marketing Support to startup businesses
  7. Market Data pertaining to several startup opportunities
  8. Access to global data for export of produce
Services from EPMWORLD

EPMWORLD Service diagram

There are many more services that industry promotion institutions provide to a startup business.

Startup founders, however, would ignore the effort of research and exploration and thus work with insufficient data.  Moreover, the prime focus of startup founders mostly targets loan procurement.  Banking institutions in India are not startup friendly.  The schemes like CGFT and its provisions are grossly under utilized owing to touch me not attitude of several bank authorities in accepting CGFT based loan applications.

Considering the above it is important that startup founders should explore various government provisions and then approach financial institutions with right documentation for loans or incentives.

The other option is to engage a consultant who would enlighten them on various related activities to setup a startup.

Here are some links that would help startup founder to explore data on some of the above aspects.

The above links are just indicative.  There are many more institutions and several more URLs to explore.

You may also like to explore various pages of this blog related to government schemes, project loan process, startup business ideas, idea evaluation, entrepreneur qualities, branding, online reputation and many more business aspects.  Should you need more information may please leave your comment herein.  I would try to answer your queries that falls within my scope.


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