Leadership is an institution

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I consider the word ‘leadership’ akin to spiritual chant.  Every talk of an Intellectual, Academician and thinker would invariably insist on developing leaders.  Leadership is an institution where vision is created, objectives are defined, goals are set, people are lead, mentored, resources are optimized, integrity is maintained, values are enhanced, and collective results are achieved.  The purpose may be a commercial project, a voluntary cause, a social change, an intellectual voice or a political movement.  Personal touch, attitudinal balancing, and risk mitigation carry the leadership mission towards the envisioned objectives.  The most valuable result of any leadership should be creating more leaders.

The need for nurturing leadership: There is an overall need (a) to optimize resources, (b) bring in time discipline, (c) preserve culture, (d) protect environment, (e) develop talent and (f) handhold disadvantaged.  We are still governed by age-old laws, rules and even constitutions against drastic change in the need, outlook, versatility and dynamism of people.  (i) We have a very matured technology, which could be applied for accelerated development.  (ii) We have the challenge of ageing intellectuals.  (iii) There is a need for growing tolerance towards cultural, religious and regional integrity.  (iv) There is an urgency to fight with the divisive forces in every walk of life, a challenge felt in every society globally.  (v) We need leaders who can bring and lead change in several spheres.  Leadership is indispensable to address these impending requirements.  If we don’t develop right leadership, our progeny would end up vying for limited resources, get embroiled in integrity issues; and go directionless resulting in chaos.

Where to begin: As we have abundant natural resources, we discover ways of using them for productivity, invent value creation and gain material wealth.  With similar spirit let us look at the younger generation.  We need to enlighten them about the value of their intellect.  Explain them the future and the need of hour for safe future.  Equip them with challenges and mentor them to prove themselves.  Hand them the steering while we assist them in risk mitigation.  Nurturing should begin with academe.

Role of academe: Leadership should be a separate subject in academics.  The subject could be appropriately introduced right from the school level.  This approach is highly imperative especially in developing countries.  The prevailing ‘academic projects’ are purely subject oriented.  They don’t give preference to the team spirit, individual excellence, not supported by required infrastructure, and lack genuine evaluation.

We need to improve the analytical perspective in younger generation.  Teach them the analytics.  Support their dreams.  Make them understand the nature and potential of vision.  Inform them how they could achieve their dreams through leadership while getting individual recognition, name and fame.  Tell them that selflessness is genuine till it touche the threshold of exploitation. In essence, we nurture leadership in academe to save our progeny.

Role of parents:  Home is the source inspiration for future leaders.  It is the responsibility of parents to rightly identify the talent, ability and direction of children and connect with pedagogy and academy towards developing children as true leaders. Certain traits like honesty, ethics, culture, and moral values being personal and sensitive to individuals should be inculcated at home under the critical observation and correction of parents.

To make the job of parents easy and comprehensible, we should address exclusive mentoring sessions to parents about their role, responsibilities, path and actions in nurturing leadership sprout in children.

Role of youth – the leaders in the making: Dream a bright and big future.  Understand the need to align yourself and your growth with the society, as it would enhance your stature, admire your contribution, emulate your actions paving brighter path to your progeny in turn.  Be amiable, hardworking and sincere in your actions.  Remember collective action brings in faster results.  Inculcate fraternal spirit.

Leadership challenges:  Nothing is easier in the world than preaching.  Managing team is the complex ever task we can imagine. There could be many divergent aspects as to why a team member may not deliver his worth and stand as a challenge to the leader.  Some of the reasons could be, (i) insufficient job knowledge, (ii) disinterest, (iii) ego, (iv) attitude, (v) selfish nature, (vi) insufficient or improper communication, (vii) team conflicts, (viii) leadership style, (ix) working environment, (x) dependency factor, (xi) time constraints, (xii) stress, (xiii) personal problems, (xiv) perceptive understanding, (xv) lack of faith in the leadership / results, and more….

Requirements to succeed: A leader should maintain absolute discretion to a point of Yes or No. Timing of Yes or No make a lot of difference to the whole cause itself.  He should be firm, assertive in managing deliverables.  He should maintain emotional balance with a soft tone reaching his message in clear terms.  He should accord highest priority to the welfare and growth of his team members and empower them to achieve required goals.  Any act of enforcement or grudge holding should never be in the dictionary of a leader.

We need active involvement of learned people to make our younger generation strong and receptive to future challenges.

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Personality appraisal

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To live up to the ideal stature of a human being and experience a blissful life, the foremost requirement would be that we nurture our personality with traits like endurance, humility, empathy, contentment and sacrifice.  Besides this, what brings us the true joy in life?  Peace and tranquility of mind, the luxuries that even the wealthiest people on the earth crave for and that a poor man in a small hut enjoy in abundance.

How and why do we suffer for peace and tranquility?  Majority might feel it is the want of money and worldly resources.  I believe it is not the money, it is not the greediness or it is not any thing worldly that keeps us restless.

The thing that keeps us awake is our mind.  The thing that keeps us restless is our mind.  The thing that takes away the peace and tranquility in our life is our mind.  It is our mind.  It is our individual self.

It is surprising!  If it is so easy and that things are within the control of the very individual himself, why the issue at all?

Personality appraisalIt is at this juncture that we need to evaluate our personality.  We need to go for our personality appraisal.  Let us not take it as self-introspection.  I say it is self reckoning.  It is more to do with the appraisal of various traits that we possess in us and staking those traits to face a given challenge in life.  At the outset,  one would become restless when a particular aspiration is not met or a given situation hurts the self.  So I suggest you write down on a piece of paper about what you are, what is your personality, what are individual traits,  how do you relate your traits with your practical life,  professional life, personal life and so.

For example, when I think about my individual traits, I am caring,  empathetic,  diligent and so.  At the same time,  I also exhibit ego and inhibitions in certain situations.  The ego in me shadows my true personality.  It portrays me entirely different in the situation. It precipitates even the unknown qualities in me.  If I don’t conduct myself with conscious, I would start losing my original personality.

I believe this is where we need appraisal of our personality.  Let us jot down the various similar situations that we encountered.  We need to determine the actors, elements, and our emotions in the situation where we personified our self entirely different. Where we acted impulsive.  Where we lost the conscious of our own self.

It could be a situation where we had an argument with a friend, spouse or any one else.  The issue could be a talk about a favorite actor or a discussion on political events.  It could at times be about a past situation that occurred long ago and is pulled in the context.

The discussion starts mostly where we want to prove our self a point.  Proving our self  for what purpose?  Is it a challenge that we should win?  Or is it a frivolous thing on which we are staking our personality?  Does it in any way benefit us in the context?  If the answer to this is ‘no’, we are not acting with conscious.  Let us programme our mind that it does not allow impulsive reactions.  Let us programme our mind that it doesn’t need to react or reason out every thing the way we believe in.  Let us understand that we need to accommodate opinions of others too.  Let us observe in the situation the personality of others to correct our self or to learn things.  Let us create a protective shield to our original self, to our original traits where they are not tarnished by our own actions.  Let us never take things personal which are more of a passing events.  Let us understand the fact that a rose would never lose its fragrance even if it is born in the dirty surroundings.  Or even if dirt falls on it.  The surroundings might impact the reach of its aroma.  Might dominate its aroma. But they can’t change its original quality that it ‘ever emits fragrance’.  If we don’t create a protective shield to our personality, we will face several unpleasant situations.  We will only invite stress and strain to our mind.  We lose our peace.

It is also important that we need to reckon our traits against the ideal facts of life.  We should never try to protect a bad trait like ‘ego’ or ‘adamance’.  We need to appraise our self in the right spirit.  Not the way what we are or we want to be.

It would be wise on our part and safe to our self to enjoy every moment.  If we grow to become judgmental by our own rules and laws, we would only invite defeat in situations.  Man is a social animal.  We need to grow social nourishing good relations around us.  Our entire life is related to several things around us.  We need to protect our relation with with the God.  We need to improve relations every where.

Let us tell our mind and soul that they should not go apart to expose us otherwise.  We need to go for periodical appraisal of our personality.  We need to weed out the hidden vices.  We need to grow social as a true human being with empathy, humility, accountability, morale and wisdom.  We need to join the league of intellectuals.  It is possible for us to achieve these aspects,  if we adopt the measures of honest appraisal of our personality.

Can we start our journey in the right direction so that we can enjoy the true luxuries of life …  This is a old post of mine in a blog which is not active now.

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Entrepreneurship Development Meet – Hyderabad

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We are going to organize  an “Entrepreneurship Development Meet” on May 14, 2011 in Hyderabad.  The meet will provide valuable inputs from experts from Government sector, Banks and Industry Promotion institutions on topics like:

  1. Young entrepreneurs – the Creative force in employment generation
  2. Opportunities in Food Processing Sector
  3. Role of Government in entrepreneurship development – State & Central Schemes
  4. The procedures in setting up your choice of industry
  5. Banks the driving force in entrepreneurship development
  6. Questions & Answers

Besides, all the participants will get a very valuable book guide towards setting up their choice of industry / business.

There is every need for taking up entrepreneurship as a revolution.  Next to Indian farmers, the small entrepreneurs are the major backbone to Indian economy.  Self-employment generates parallel employment opportunities.  Entrepreneurship is like a root sprout and every one should nurture it for its un-prohibited growth.

All are invited to this meet.  Interested candidates may send in their details to mail id: emeethyd@gmail.com or provide herein through reply to this posting.

I request you to forward this message to all of your friends as this might prove to be a very encouraging start for him / her towards achieving entrepreneur dream.

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