Business Success

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We have millions of businesses running in the world. But, we find just a few numbers make the maximum buzz like 80-20, Pareto’s Rule. The Forbes List is hardly released without the names of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett likes. Notwithstanding a few new names that invade the list of billionaires every year, we are yet to see the true growth of fortune among the entrepreneurs. There may be any many secrets shared by these accomplished big wigs. I believe a powerful vision rightly aligned to the strategy and resources could lead a person to the top rung. It is important that an entrepreneur manage the Enterprise Portfolio with spiritual commitment. Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) ie. management and integration of various functions like Corporate Affairs, Planning & Strategy, HR, Finance, Production, Marketing, Sales, CRM, Branding, CSR and like is the only secret that makes the organization grow forever. It is imperative for the business leader and promoter-owner not to miss the Vision & Strategy in every-day business. Vision & Strategy can’t be again a static objective. The review of the same in line with the market ecosystem would be inevitable. The other inherent requirement is effectively managing the stakeholder community. The effectiveness here is the just fulfillment of given business commitment.

Thus, I reckon precise understanding of EPM World (Enterprise Portfolio Management World) and the processes in the hierarchy are the true secrets to reap fortunes.

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