RADBLOK, Anti Radiation Chip from Maxwell Research, Hyderabadha

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Let us protect ourselves from Mobile Radiation.


Mobile phones have emerged to be the dominant accessories in our day today life the way we wear cloths.  We display with pride our mobile phone(s).  We tuck them close to our body.  We feel possessive about our mobile phone. But what is not known to many of us is that mobile phones emit microwave radiation [RFR] which is quite harmful to our health.  Many research reports and government health agencies have felt that RFR is like a slow poison and may cause cancer in few years or few decades depending upon extent of exposure and its duration.

Maxwell Research, Hyderabad is a three year old research firm which is primarily engaged in the research, design, development and manufacturing of anti radiation devices and more.  One of its products RADBLOK is an anti radiation chip which protects mobile users from the hidden dangers of mobile radiation.   RADBLOK is the only chip which has received CE Certification which would mean that RADBLOK complies with all relevant essential requirements (e.g. health and safety or environmental requirements) laid down in the applicable directive(s) and the same has been examined by an independent conformity assessment body.

Ever since its launch thousands of mobile users started using RADBLOK.  It is being sold across cities through its dealer and distributor network.  Significantly RADBLOK is also available on the shelfs of MedPlus Pharma outlets.

It is time that we use RADBLOK to protect ourselves from the dangerous RFR emitted by Mobile phones. Significantly, RADBLOK is a mouse click away here.

RADBLOK is also a low investment self employment opportunity.  If you are looking for a very small investment business opportunity as humble as INR 10,000/- you may take up RADBLOK retail trading.  For more details one may contact 91-8686444888.

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A boost for startups

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Young entrepreneurs can look forward to better support in Bengaluru as Nasscom’s Startup Warehouse is set for expansion.  The facility, located on HAL Airport Road, will quadruple in area from 9,000 sq ft to 36,000 sq ft, and get more infrastructure.  It is part of Nasscom’s two-year-old 10,000 Startups initiative to boost the burgeoning startup ecosystem.

Nasscom plans to run an intensive skill-building programme customised for early stage startup companies.  Besides, Nasscom will also provide access to veteran startup founders and ever widening network of angels for hands-on-mentorship.

The programme is rolling into its fourth phase for which about 200 firms will be shortlisted by a panel of experts.  Applications, processed on FIFO (first in first out) basis till April 22, 2015 have to be made at 10000startups.com.  The seat allocation is an ongoing process, with applications monitored regularly.

Each startup gets up to 5 seats in the 70 seater room that is open round the clock.  There is a 10 Mbps broadband leased line, besides 100% power backup and four meeting rooms.

As part of the expansion, the Bengaluru Warehouse will have a dedicated mentor program attached to it, and also India’s first IoT lab, a design lab and a mobile lab.

Source: The Hindu

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State Bank of India – SME branches, Hyderabad and Secunderabad

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Following are some of the SME loan products from State Bank of India.  These are specifically designed by SBI in support of improved credit to SMEs.  The inline image shows the SME branches of SBI in Hyderabad and Secunderabad twin cities.  The details herein are drawn from SBI loan product sheet and aspirant individuals, SMEs may contact the SME branches of SBI falling under their jurisdiction in twin cities.  The information is given for the benefit of readers and I don’t deal with facilitating loans.  However, I can assist individuals and organizations in project fund / Project finance documentation, representation of your project fund requirement with relevant funding organizations, and professional support in the context.

sbi sme branch loan products

SME Current Accounts:

  1. SME Power pack, SME Power gain, SME Premium
  2. Business Current Accounts with QAB ranging from INR 20,000/ to INR 5.0 lakhs
  3. Freebies, concessions and nil charges on various transaction in the account
  4. Business Debit Card and Insta Cash Deposit Card facility available
  5. Current Account withdrawals can be made in ATMs with BDCs
  6. Cash Deposit can be made in CDMs with ICDs
  7. Under Surabhi Deposit Scheme Business Current Accounts will earn interest also.

POS (SWIPING) Machine & Power POS account

  1. POS machines with wide acceptability of debit/credit cards with attractive merchant discount rate.
  2. Power POS current account may be opened with zero balance
  3. POS overdraft facility of INR 25,000/-

Asset backed loan (ABL)

  1. Business units can avail the loans under the scheme for build up of current assets, fixed assets, modernization and such purposes
  2. 60% of the value of the property
  3. Minimum of INR 10.00 lakhs and maximum of INR 20.00 crores
  4. Very attractive rate of interest at 11.75% [enquire with bank for the current rate of interest]
  5. Drop line overdraft facility
  6. Half yearly stock statement

Open term loan

  1. A pre-approved term loan facility – option of multiple disbursement for multiple purposes
  2. Business units may finalise plan and avail the disbursement within 12 months
  3. Useful for existing units banking with SBI or other banks
  4. Maximum of INR 2.50 crores
  5. Collateral as per the bank norms

Electronic Dealer Finance Scheme (e-dfs)

  1. To provide financial assistance to authorised dealers of industry majors(IMs)
  2. Bank has tie ups with a large number of IMs for providing e-DFS to the dealers authorised by IMs
  3. 100% funding of invoices
  4. Collateral security @ 25% or inil as per the tie up with IM
  5. Very attractive rate of interest @ 10.30% presently
  6. Disbursements are on specialised e-platform through INB

Project finance for large value private builders

  1. Working capital finance on Project specific basis
  2. Reputed, successful quality builders with 3 ventures minimum experience
  3. Upto 50% finance of the net requirement
  4. Subject to statutory clearances from all competent authorities
  5. CRA linked interest rates
  6. 100% mortgage of land & building / alternate collateral
  7. Repayment in 24 months (max) extendable to 36 months

All the above SME loan products are as announced by SBI which may revise them from time to time.  Hence, readers may confirm the operation and admissibility factors with their relevant SME branch.


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